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Newly Arrived Streaming Classics

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Here are some of the newly arrived streaming classics, for December 2016

Knute Rockne . 1940 .
Of all the famous players and coaches in the history of American football, one name stands out- the great Knute Rockne - all American. Pat O’Brien stars as Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne, and former United States President Ronald Reagan stars as the ill-fated George "The Gipper" Gip in this story about what it takes to become a hero- and of the man who could have been many things, but chose to follow his heart and become an inspiration to many, one of the greatest football coaches ever.
Captain Horatio Hornblower . 1951 .
Hornblower battles the French and the Spanish forces during the Napoleonic wars, but also finds time for romance.
The Beast from 20,000 fathoms . 1953 .
When an experimental atomic blast in the Arctic frees a 140 million-year-old dinosaur from the ice, the beast heads undersea to New York, raining devastation on the terrified city.
Dial M for Murder . 1954 .
Ex-tennis pro Tony Wendice wants to have his wealthy wife, Margot, murdered so he can get his hands on her inheritance. When he discovers her affair with Mark Halliday, he comes up with the perfect plan to kill her. He blackmails an old acquaintance into carrying out the murder, but the carefully-orchestrated set-up goes awry, and Margot stays alive. Now Wendice must frantically scheme to outwit the police and avoid having his plot detected.
Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman . 1958 .
In this enduring classic of 1950s science fiction, a beautiful, wealthy young woman--trapped in a loveless marriage to a philandering husband who only wants her money--exacts a terrible vengeance when exposure to radiation from an alien UFO causes her to grow into a 50-foot-tall monster.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer . 1961 .
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is a timeless family holiday classic.
Death in Venice . 1971 .
While recuperating in a luxurious hotel in Venice, a famous composer, now becoming aware of his passing years, struggles with his attraction to a golden-haired boy... an attraction that he realizes will lead to his destruction.
Klute . 1971 .
When small town police detective John Klute comes to New York to investigate the disappearance of his best friend, his only lead is a letter to prostitute Bree Daniels. As these two very different people discover a romantic attraction to each other, Klute realizes Daniels is the murderer's real target.
The Man Who Would Be King . 1971 .
Daniel Dravot and Peachy Carnehan set out on a quest that takes them on a series of adventures leading to the remote mountains of Afghanistan, high at the top of the world. The local people mistake the two Englishmen for Gods and Kings because of their ferocity and prowess in battle, a mistake that brings power and wealth to the two. But Dravot begins to believe he actually is a reincarnation of Alexander the Great, a belief that leads to the downfall of Dravot and Carnehan when their subjects realize they are mortals.
Day for Night . 1973 .
The leading lady is recovering from a nervous breakdown, another performer is soused on the set, unions threaten to walk, shooting must finish before the insurance lapses and a cat can't hit its mark. Is this any way to make a film?
  Zandy's Bride . 1974 .
Academy award winner Gene Hackman stars with Liv Ullman in this story of a Western rancher who sends for a mail-order bride. But instead of the compliant woman he sought, the rancher marries a headstrong wife determined to civilize him.
Death Race 2000 . 1975 .
In a dystopian future, a cross country automobile race requires contestants to run down innocent pedestrians to gain points that are tallied based on each kill's brutality.
A Star is Born . 1976 .
The career of hopeful, young singer Esther Hoffman is launched by fading rock star John Norman Howard, who also wins the young singer's heart. Hoffman becomes a leading lady on stage and in Howard's life, but as Howard's career flounders, he sinks into an abyss of alcohol and cocaine. Hoffman chooses to sacrifice her stardom to care for Howard, but he will not allow her to abandon her dreams.
Planet of Dinosaurs . 1977 .
Captain Lee and his crew crash land on a planet similar to Earth, but millions of years behind in time. They encounter a variety of dangerous dinosaurs, so the crew decides their best chance for survival lies on finding higher ground and setting up a defensive perimeter until they are rescued. They soon encounter a deadly Tyrannosaurus and must figure out a way to defeat the creature and survive on the planet.
The Frisco Kid . 1979 .
Ranked 87th out of 88 in his rabbinical class, Avram Belinski accepts a posting to Gold Rush-era San Francisco. Speaking little English but following a leading from God, the young rabbi sets out from Philadelphia for San Francisco, believing his destination to be a short walk. Along the way he befriends bank robber Tommy Lillard. Now, as this mismatched pair crosses the frontier, the Old West will never be the same.
Carny . 1980 .
The carnival is an illusion manipulated by the carnies to fleece the suckers. But who's being manipulated, and who's the sucker when a disaffected young teenager joins the carnival, quickly comes between two best friends and takes a place in the bed of one.
Prince of the City . 1981 .
Danny Ciello is a New York detective who turns state's evidence and is plunged into a nightmare of conflicting moral issues.
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior . 1982 .
The meek shall inherit the earth. Wrong. Not in the bleak near-future of the second of three Mad Max movies. Mel Gibson stars in the film that made him an international superstar as Max, a former cop reduced to scavenging for gasoline--the decaying world's most prized commodity - as he cruises the barren, post-apocalyptic Outback along highways crawling with human vermin.
Pieces . 1982 .
Young coeds are being cut up by a chainsaw killer on a college campus. And, the killer is attempting to put together a human jigsaw puzzle made from their body parts.
After Hours . 1985 .
Paul Hackett's terrible night happens in the SoHo area of downtown Manhattan when he goes to keep a date with Marcy. Nothing in his humdrum life as a word processor has prepared him for his surreal encounters with Marcy; her far-out artist roommate Kiki; cocktail waitress Julie; ice cream vendor Gail; June, who lives in the basement of a nightclub; and Mark who is ripe for his first gay experience. Now, Paul longs only for the safety of his upper-East Side apartment... but will he ever make it home?
Beetlejuice . 1988 .
When a couple of nice, young homebody ghosts try to haunt the pretentious humans who have moved into their house, they ask for help from a demonic wraith, they cannot control in this comic fantasy that mixes the quick and the dead with a laugh and a fright.
The Unbearable Lightness of Being . 1988 .
In 1960s Czechoslovakia, Tomas, an oversexed Prague surgeon, marries Tereza, a beautiful, waiflike country girl. Even though he has taken a vow of fidelity, Tomas continues his wanton womanizing, notably with his mistress Sabina. Escaping the 1968 Russian invasion of Prague by heading for Geneva, Switzerland, Sabina takes up with another man and unexpectedly develops an unlikely yet stimulating friendship with fellow refugee Tereza. Meanwhile, Tomas, who previously had been interested only in sex, becomes politicized by the fall of Dubcek and the collapse of the Czech leader's unique brand of limited democracy within the communist system.
Phenomena . 1985 .
A young girl with an amazing ability to communicate with insects, is transferred to an exclusive Swiss boarding school, where her unusual capability might help solve a string of murders.
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