Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Newly Arrived Streaming Movies

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Here are some of the newly arrived streaming videos for July 2016

Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins - Show Pieces . 2016 .
Writer Alan Moore - best known for his ground-breaking comic books, including; V For Vendetta, From Hell and Watchmen - and director Mitch Jenkins have made five, richly detailed neo-noir films set in small town England (Northampton) and the parallel universe (Nighthampton). Like a British version of Twin Peaks, these shorts tell the first parts of a huge new Alan Moore story.
Alienated . 2016 .
On the brink of a possible alien abduction, a married couple is forced to confront their fatal relationship issues.
Back Shape-Up Series . 2016 .
Roberta Bergman, ACE Certified Fitness Instructor brings you the Back Shape Up Series with exercises to reduce stiffness, increase spinal flexibility and strength, improve posture and relax your back. Exercises have been created with your back in mind-gentle stretching, strengthening and easy-to follow exercises-makes for pain free living.
Baghdad, Texas . 2016 .
While a Middle Eastern dictator is fleeing his besieged country his plane crashes on the Mexican Border. He is inadvertently carried into Texas by illegal immigrants.
The Brainwashing of My Dad . 2016 .
A filmmaker explores the radical change of her once Democratic father to an angry right-wing fanatic after his immersion in talk radio and Fox News. She discovers this to be a powerful phenomenon that has divided families across the nation.
The Contradictions of Fair Hope . 2016 .
This film examines a little known aspect of American history: newly freed slaves throughout the South forming 'benevolent societies' to respond to abject hunger, illness and the fear of a pauper's grave. 'The Fair Hope Benevolent Society' in Uniontown, Alabama, provides an unprecedented look at the complex and morally ambiguous juxtaposition of the Society with the worldly pleasures of what has become known as the annual 'Foot Wash' celebration.
Dead 7 . 2016 .
Starring an ensemble cast of music's biggest Pop Stars, a ragtag band of assassins team up to rid a small town of a zombie plague in the post-apocalyptic West.
Doggy Daycare . 2016 .
Doggy Daycare is the story of a remarkable dog named Mutt. Michelle (Sydney Magerman) and Amelia (Vanessa Taveras) have been running their doggy daycare since their parents passed away, but the beloved business is under the threat of closure and faces overwhelming odds, as well as the evil cat Baron and a dog catcher on the prowl. To try to keep it open, Mutt, a street dog with a heart of gold, rallies the rest of the dogs to save the day, but things go terribly wrong when Michelle's health issues put her life in extreme danger.
Independents' Day . 2016 .
After aliens invade earth they give us a choice: either emigrate to a new planet or be killed. While most resign themselves to leaving, the president turns to a rogue militia to fight back before the human race is obliterated.
Kings of the Pages . 2016 .
Kings of the Pages is a documentary short that highlights the Golden Age of the American comic strip. In the early to mid 20th century, comic strips were, perhaps, the most popular form of mediated entertainment. Many of the characters and their creators were household names and enjoyed considerable success beyond the Sunday newspaper. With their artistry, humor, and relevance, comic strips became an integral part of America's cultural/historical fabric.
Made in Cleveland . 2016 .
A dozen filmmakers collaborate to bring you this anthology of comedic and heartwarming vignettes. Starring Busy Philipps (Cougar Town) and Gillian Jacobs (Community), Made in Cleveland is a collection of 9 tales about life, love and the pursuit of happiness... In Cleveland.
My Name is Not Alexander . 2016 .
Through his imaginative journey, Alexander discovers how great men become heroes: the roughest rider can be surprisingly gentle, a strong leader is also the most peaceful, and sometimes, being brave about what makes you different will not only help you break records, but inspire others. So begins the day for Alexander, an imaginative little boy who explores the innovative men who influenced and shaped our world including Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Chief Joseph, Jackie Robinson, Fred Astaire, and more! Join Alexander as he learns how these remarkable men changed the world and encouraged him to find the hero within himself.
Pain-Free Pregnancy . 2016 .
Want a pain-free pregnancy? Roberta Bergman, ACE Certified Fitness Instructor has created this unique exercise program for pregnant women. Unlike other pregnancy guides, this provides for yoga, gentle stretching, strength training, breathing and relaxation techniques. And partner exercises are designed to help you move through these next months as painlessly as possible. Portions of this DVD can even be used after you give birth, keeping your body strong as you carry and cradle your newly arrived bundle of joy.
Under Construction . 2016 .
Thirty minutes of real live construction vehicles in action! Charlie the friendly construction worker explains the sights and sounds as your child watches, listens, and learns all about the big machines that build our homes, roads and buildings.
Well Wishes . 2016 .
After losing his job on a coin-toss, Miles (Shane Callahan) concocts a fantastical plan to get rich by harvesting coins from wishing fountains. Aided by his friend Jack (Cullen Moss) and a gentle vagrant (Don Baker), his journey leads to the American highway and an indebted traveler (Anna Stromberg) who challenges his notions of wealth and true happiness. Equal parts satirical comedy, gentle drama, and road-film, Well Wishes is a wildly enjoyable American tall-tale-about change.
With Child . 2016 .
A widowed construction worker must balance rebuilding his life and being a single dad to his infant daughter all the while being spun around by the romantic advances of his eccentric new employer.
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