Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Newly Arrived Streaming Classics

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Here are some of the newly arrived streaming classics, for June 2016

Pot o' Gold . 1941 .
Jimmy, the owner of a failed music shop, goes to work with his uncle, the owner of a food factory. Before he gets there, he befriends an Irish family who happens to be his uncle's worst enemy because of their love for music and in-house band who constantly practices. Soon, Jimmy finds himself trying to help the band by getting them gigs and trying to reconcile the family with his uncle, an avid music-hater, all while winning the heart of the beautiful Molly!
Midsummer Night's Dream . 1968 .
The Royal Shakespeare Company presents one of the Bard's favorite tales, Supernatural beings, irresponsible lovers and entertaining comedy bring this romantic and frolicsome farce to life. Staring Diana Rigg, Ian Richardson, David Warner, and Ian Holm, this screen adaptation is indeed a departure from the norm, yet it is in every way true to the original.
Midnight Cowboy . 1968 .
This Academy Award-winning Best Picture features Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight in standout roles as a con man and a Texas hustler trying to survive on the tough streets of New York.
Warren Miller's Winter Fever . 1979 .
Travel all around to places like New Mexico, Lake Placid, and Canada with some of the purest skiers of the time including Junior Bounous, Penelope Street, and Scott Brooksbank.
Little Vera . 1988 .
The most controversial Russian film ever made! In this smoldering drama, Natalya Negoda stars as Vera, a sullen, sultry woman who's torn between her brooding lover and her bitter parents. It's a rare and honest look at Russia as a land of simmering sensuality and brutal candor.
Mississippi Burning . 1988 .
The summer of 1964... Two FBI agents - one a tight-jawed, by-the-book type, the other an experienced Southern lawman who knows how to handle people - head the government's investigation into the disappearance of three civil rights activists in East Mississippi.
Island on Fire . 1990 .
Starring action superstars Jackie Chan and Tony Leung(The Grandmaster) Tony Leung is Andy, a cop sent to a corrupt prison camp known as the "Island On Fire", where prisoners are abused by staff and used as hit men for killing drug dealers.
Fire in the Dark . 1991 .
The poignant account of an elderly woman struggling to age with dignity. After a serious fall, Emily is forced to move in with her daughter and must come to terms with the inevitability of growing old.
A Summer Dress . 1996 .
After an argument with his lover, a young gay man on holiday at the seaside is tempted by adventure.
After Sex . 1998 .
Diane, a Parisian book editor, enters a feverish affair with the handsome roommate of the writer she manages. Married with two children, her husband grows suspicious of his wife's infidelity. What does the end of an affair spell for this woman?
Ancient City Life . 1998 .
This documentary demonstrates ways in which societies have coped with urban life ever since cities were invented ten thousand years ago. Many aspects of modern urban living, central heating, coin operated slot machines, even taxicab meters, originated in ancient times.
Meet Prince Charming . 1999 .
Meet Prince Charming follows week in the life of Samantha and Jack, two feuding neighbors who find that their hatred for each other turns to love after they "meet" on-line when both subscribe to the same internet dating service.
Strangers in Good Company . 1999 .
A film about being old, and thinking young. seven old women become stranded at a deserted farmhouse miles from civilization. They don't have much food, or a decent place to sleep. Or much in common. But these surprising, remarkable women turn a crisis into a magical time of humor and spirit.
The Mod Squad . 1999 .
Big screen version of the trend-setting 1960s television series, contemporizing the premise for the '90s. A trio of juvenile delinquents become undercover cops to infiltrate a drug ring in the ultra-hip L.A. club scene.
Rolling Stones: Just for the Record . 2002 .
The Stones' legacy is presented in its entirety as told by band members, fellow musicians, friends, family and biographers through five decades of maximum rock 'n' roll. From the small clubs of London to the limelight of the world stage, we hear about the making of their greatest albums, see them on every major tour and best of all…get to know them in private. Intimate interviews, combined with rare footage and recordings, make for a spectacular five-hour series.
American Experience: New York - Season 1 . 2003 .
An elegant, lyrical and compelling portrait of the greatest and most complex of cities. This definitive series chronicles the history of New York from its founding in 1624 as a Dutch trading post to its continuing pre-eminence as the cultural and economic capital of the world.
Raggs - Season 3 . 2009 .
"Raggs" stars five members of a canine band, Raggs, Trilby, Pido, B. Max and Razzles, and their wise-cracking pet cat, Dumpster, who learn life lessons together in their own cool clubhouse.
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