Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Newly Arrived Streaming TV Shows

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Here are some of the newly arrived streaming television shows for April, 2016

The Adventures of Gumby - the 60s Series: Volume 1 2016
Professor Kapp, a friendly absent-minded professor, becomes Gumby's scientific go-to guy. Prickle and Goo were created to represent what famed east-west philosopher Alan Watts called the two types of people, the prickly and the gooey. More analytical, Prickle likes to solve mysteries. The softer, mellower Goo is a kind of sky mermaid who can fly and shoot goo balls. The Blockheads, who first showed up in the 50's, become more prominent in the late 60's. They represent "square thinking" and often cause trouble for Gumby and his pals.
Jillian Michaels' Hot Body Healthy Mommy 2015
Jillian Michaels Hot Body, Healthy Mommy is the perfect workout for getting your body back after having a baby. When your doctor has cleared you for exercise and you're ready to get back into fitness, you will get fantastic results.
Kiwi Season 1 2015
The Kiwis take us on an adventure to discover new words and new sounds. During the first adventure, let's learn how to spell cow, chicken, egg and duck with Twiki and Twini on the farm! Then, it's off onto a train to go to the beach with Twiki and Twini. Learn how to spell suitcase, train, sea and shell as the two work on building a sand castle. The fun and learning never ends with these two!
Air Boss 2014
In Millington, Tennesee, home to the Memphis Air Show, one man bears the burden of responsibility more than anyone else - the man controlling the show is the Air Boss, Wayne Boggs. It's most definitely going to be a jam-packed day for Wayne who is bossing both day and night shows, and presents an exciting opportunity for hoards of fans anxiously awaiting to see the show headliner...
Great Decisions in Foreign Policy: Season 42 2013
Great Decisions in Foreign Policy features eight half-hour documentaries, each tackling a different global challenge facing America today.
Happiness is on the plate: Season 1 2012
HAPPINESS IS ON THE PLATE is a fun look at 5 leading food entrepreneurs that are revolutionizing the way food is produced, foraged, and sourced to create supremely holistic dinning experiences that not only indulge our palates but satisfy our souls.
The Aviators: Season 1 2011
The Aviators: Season 2 2011
The Aviators is a new magazine-style TV series featuring interesting people, the latest aircraft, the coolest technology and the best fly-in destinations. We will take you behind the scenes to show you how airline pilots train, how planes are built, and how ATC works.
Women Behind Bars: Complete 1st season 2008
Women Behind Bars: Season 2, episodes 1-3, 5-7, 9-12 2009
Women Behind Bars: Season 2, Episode 4 2012
Women Behind Bars: Season 2, episode 8 2012
In-depth look at the true life crimes of Women Behind Bars.
Women Behind Bars: Season 3, episodes 1-8, 10, 12 2010
Women Behind Bars: Season 3, episodes 9 and 11 2010
More salacious, in-depth stories of incarcerated women - the crimes that landed them in prison and their daily lives there. Season 3 follows the stories of over 24 women, from a woman who shot and killed two people in a convenience story, to another who allegedly murdered her landlady.
Videofashion Designers: Season 1 2014
Videofashion designers: Season 2 2015
Videofashion Designers showcases the prolific artistry, signature trademarks, and brilliant minds behind fashion's most venerated 21st century designers.
Videofashion Specials: Bridal Volume 1 2015
Prepare to fall in love with Videofashion Bridal! This specially curated series features magical collections from fashion's most beloved bridal designers, offering something for every blushing bride.
Videofashion Specials: Swim Volume 1 2015
Hit the sizzling shores of South Beach where teeny bikinis get the high-fashion treatment, and the sexiest bodies in the business strut their stuff!
Videofashion Models: Season 1 2014
Videofashion Models is an entertaining and informative model countdown consisting of real-time footage from models' backstage preparations, on-location interviews, photo shoots, fittings, special appearances, and catwalk exits, giving viewers the inside track to a model's life and career.
Videofashion Style: Season 1 2014
Videofashion Style examines every facet of fashion to better define what constitutes style.
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