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Newly Arrived Streaming Movies

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Here are some of the newly arrived streaming movies for March, 2016

Bound by Sea 2016
A documentary about the cost of charity on a family. While the husband and 9 year old daughter travel the globe teaching children in need how to surf, the wife is left at home to pay for the trip and pick up the pieces.
Dough 2016
Curmudgeonly widow Nat Dayan (Jonathan Pryce) obstinately clings to his way of life and his livelihood as a Kosher bakery shop owner in London's East End. With a dwindling clientele and the pressures of encroaching big box stores, Nat reluctantly enlists the help of teenager Ayyash who has a secret side gig selling marijuana to help his struggling immigrant mother make ends meet.

When Ayyash accidentally drops his stash into the mixing dough, the challah starts flying off the shelves and an unlikely friendship forms between the old Jewish baker and his young Muslim apprentice. Dough is a warmhearted and gently humorous story about overcoming prejudice and finding redemption in unexpected places.
Dream Big Little Pig 2016
Poppy has big dreams - lots of them! But following her dreams isn't as easy as it sounds. It's a good thing Poppy's friends and family - who love her no matter what - encourage her to keep believing in herself and making her dreams come true.
Life 2016
Dennis Stock was only 26 when he was commissioned to photograph James Dean, Hollywood's rebellious free spirit on the verge of superstardom, for LIFE Magazine in 1955. In the months leading up to the premiere of Dean's infamous role in East of Eden and filming Rebel Without a Cause, Stock and Dean took a photographic journey across the United States, and finally to Dean's childhood farmhouse in Indiana. And while Stock thought he was capturing a young actor in the instant before he became a household name, in fact he documented the last moments of intimacy and simplicity that James Dean ever knew.
Manpower 2016
Meir Cohen is a decorated police officer who barely earns a living. His new assignment of deporting African migrant workers from Israel "of their own free will," teaches him foreigners aren't the only ones who have no future in his country.
Pinocchio 2016
Get ready for the re-carving of a masterpiece! Grow alongside Pinocchio, a mischievous yet loveable puppet who 'wood' do anything to find his roots and become a real boy! With no strings attached, Pinocchio sets off on a wild adventure where he runs into some trouble along the way. But nothing will stop the ever-so chipper puppet from chasing his dream, because when it comes to breaking the rules, Pinocchio 'nose' best!
Spanish for Teens Part 1: Grammar made easy 2016
Language Tree's Spanish for Teens "Grammar Made Easy" demystifies Spanish grammar for students. Grammatical concepts are first clearly explained and then visually demonstrated and reviewed so they become easily understandable.

Part One covers key topics found in high school level Spanish 1, including present tense conjugation, pronouns, the informal future tense, reflexive and irregular verbs, idiomatic phrases and much more. Spanish for Teen also features fascinating "cultural segments" that expose students to cultures throughout the Spanish-speaking world.
Streit's: Matzo and the American Dream 2016
Since 1925 the Streit's matzo factory has sat in a low-slung tenement building on Manhattan's Lower East Side. While other matzo companies have modernized, Streit's remained a piece of living history, churning out 40 percent of the nation's unleavened bread on pre-War machinery as old as the factory itself.

In a neighborhood where the Jewish immigrants long ago moved on, in a nation where progress and profits trump all else, where manufacturing has left the cities if not the country, where family businesses are bought out by giant corporations and workers move from job to low paying job, filmmaker Michael Levine captures the Streit's saga and echos the American Dream.
The Little Prince: Planet of the Bubble Gob 2016
The universe is in danger. Stars are being extinguished, one after the other, after the Snake's fateful visit. The Little Prince must solve this problem.

When the Little Prince finally reaches the planet of the Bubble Gob, he discovers that the whole ocean is covered with items discarded by the Creatall. The Little Prince soon realizes that the problem is the Bubble Gob. The Bubble Gob is an underwater mechanical creature, who is supposed to destroy the rubbish and clean the ocean. However, the Bubble Gob is faulty and continues to grow bigger and bigger! The Little Prince has to react and soon as time is running out.
The Locals 2016
All Ten Episodes of the acclaimed series. The zombie apocalypse has happened and we all just moved on with our lives. Zombies, referred to as "The Locals", roam our streets and are treated as feral cats, when one needs to be captured and removed, citizens call The LCA, The Locals Containment Agency.
The Sex Temple 2016
Christian runs a swinger club in Norrkoping, Sweden. He has just experienced a catastrophe. The club has burnt down. Happily enough he meets Robin, the owner of the old beautiful theatre in town. He is just about to start a LGBTQ burlesque show, inspired by the Moulin Rouge in Paris, to make the theatre flourish and solve his harsh economic situation.
Unholy Order 2016
A mysterious organization promotes their trusted member as his mischievous crew sets there eyes on a young couple. The secrets of a dark tradition are threaten as two innocent lives struggle to survive.
To Life! 2016
Jonas, a young man on the run, arrives in Berlin just in time to save Ruth's life. Evicted from her apartment, the sarcastic but warm-hearted aging Jewish cabaret singer saw no other way out than suicide.

As Jonas discovers Ruth's past and takes part in her present, his attentions and the passionate, lusty Yiddish songs of her youth help her find the way back to life. In turn, when Ruth helps Jonas find the strength to tackle his fears, and to forcefully propose "L'Chaim - To Life!"
Truth has Fallen 2016
Truth Has Fallen is a 60-minute documentary that examines the cases of three individuals who were wrongfully incarcerated for murder and sheds light on weaknesses in the US justice system.

Employing innovative painted animation, Truth Has Fallen investigates why these three individuals were wrongfully convicted and suggests reforms to the United States justice system that could help to reduce the rate of wrongful convictions.
Unprescribed 2016
Prescription drug abuse is the number one cause of preventable accidental death in the U.S. Unprescribed is a unique overview of the burgeoning epidemic of prescription drug abuse, misuse and poisoning. Riveting interviews with victims, users, and their families are enhanced by a smart fast track history of how we got to where we are, the history of modern medicine, and what we can expect.
White Creek 2016
A family, separated by class, tries to stay together in the midst of their entire valley being plunged into total chaos.
Yosemite 2016
It's the autumn of 1985. In intertwining tales, three 5th grade friends, Chris, Joe and Ted, unfold in the suburban paradise of Palo Alto, as the threat of a mountain lion looms over the community, a corpse is discovered in the woods and a family cat goes missing.
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