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Newly Arrived Streaming Classics

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Here are some of the newly arrived streaming classics, for March 2016

The Golden Dolphin 1986
An inherited English manor, hidden passages, lost deed, a kidnapping, intrigue, danger, and humor, but also a message that holds the key to happiness for any family, as parents provide the spiritual answers for life's daily problems.
Patmos 1985
As an older man, the Apostle John was sentenced to forced labor on the island of Patmos. Not only did he experience the joy of ministering to a young group of believers, also fellow prisoners, but God honored John with His visions, faithfully transcribed to become the Book of Revelation. Experience Patmos! Experience the hard physical labor, the blessings, and some of the vision.
Touch of the Master's hand 1980
Just an old violin, for sale in the waning moments of an auction. But its sale set the stage for a drama of intrigue, warmth, and purpose. This is a memorable visualization of Christian commitment in a story which clearly visualizes the need for personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior. This presentation of the famous poem and song shows we are all like old violins unless "touched by the Master's hand."
Christiana: Pilgrim's Progress Part 2 1979
Christiana, who had earlier scoffed at her husband for leaving his family in the City of Destruction, truly repents of her sins. She is rewarded with a glowing faith and leads her daughter, Credence, and sons, Avail and Avow, plus her doubting neighbor, Mercy, toward the Celestial City. With the help of Greatheart, Christiana sets a wonderful example of a loving, but concerned mother who guards and guides her children through numerous dangerous adventures. At Doubting Castle, Mercy at last takes firm grip upon the promises of God's Word and is rewarded with deep faith. Then, at Pilgrim's Rest, the entire group discovers the meaning of the verse, "For me to live is Christ and to die is to gain."
Pilgrim's Progress 1979
Journey with Pilgrim as John Bunyan's famous allegory leaps from its pages to a movie. You'll experience the Slough of Despond, Hill of Difficulty, Vanity Fair, Meet Pliable, Mr. Obstinate, Worldly Wiseman, Evangelist, Mr. Interpreter, and Pilgrim's constant foe, Apollyon. Follow Pilgrim to the cross, and ultimately to the Celestial City. This film features a powerful visualization of the Christian life.
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge 1962
The Civil War. A nation torn apart. A war fought in great battles, and a war fought on a much smaller scale…within the minds and hearts of a nation's young men. On a lonely bridge a group of soldiers prepare for the somber task of hanging one of their countrymen, now an enemy, for sabotage. Ambrose Bierce's heralded story from "Tales of Soldiers and Civilians" begins on this isolated bridge and envelops a journey through the mind and dreams of a man facing death.
Gumby's Christmas Capers 1957
This is a fantastic holiday offer, featuring a compilation of Gumby skits that focus on our favorite time of the year: Christmastime!

Miracle of Marcelino 1955
Left on the doorstep of a monastery as an infant, Marcelino was raised by the Monks. He was well cared for but lonely and longs for his mother. One day he found a special friend in the forbidden attic… hanging on a cross. A friend that would repay Marcelino's kindness by granting him one heart-felt wish.
Dive Bombers & Combat Aircraft of WW2 1954
This DVD reviews the menacing Stuka dive bomber, the embodiment of the terror created by Blitzkrieg warefare of the Wehrmacht in 1939.
Martin Luther 1953
Based on the life of the 16th century monk who defied excommunication and the stake in his demand for religious reform, "Martin Luther" provides the first motion picture portrayal of the incendiary beginnings of the Protestant Reformation.
March of the Wooden Soldiers 1934
When a notorious scoundrel, Barnaby, demands to marry the beautiful Little Bo Peep, guess who secretly emerges as the blushing bride? Based on the original Babes in Toyland, this movie is a dazzling spectacle of 6-foot wooden soldiers, Mother Goose characters and the beloved team of Laurel and Hardy.
Lords of the Animals: Season 1 1995
In distant lands, the role of animals is sometimes key to every day life. These animal keepers do not merely keep their creatures as pets, but train them to aid in daily work, collect food, or even entertain. From fruit-fetching monkeys to fishing otters, these animal companions will amaze. Told in a collection of short stories, each episode brings you to a new world, a new culture, and a shows a unique link to the animal kingdom.
The Invisible Man: Season 2 1959
In Season 2, Dr. Peter Brady, a.k.a. the Invisible Man, becomes even more involved in the dangerous world of international espionage. Highlights include preventing the planet from being conquered by an invisible army, finding the thief who has stolen his identity to smuggle drugs into the country, and the Invisible Man risks his life to save a friend from being killed by a light sensitive bomb, whose detonator is triggered by the smallest shadow.
Peter Gunn: Season 2 1959
Thugs are terrorizing business people with their protection racket. When they drop in to Mother's, she tells them to take a hike. After the thugs return and trash her place, Peter Gunn tracks down the boss of the protection racket with the help of an old friend nicknamed "The Owl."
Peter Gunn: Season 3 1959
A sleepy passenger on a late night bus witnesses a man in a second story apartment strangling a woman. When a police investigation finds nothing, the man hires Gunn to find the killer - before the killer finds him.
Peter Gunn: Season 3a 1959
In the third and final season of Peter Gunn, Craig Stevens' suave detective is tough enough to take on the hardest of hard cases, but a soft touch when it comes to the ladies. Hot jazz, hot women, and the coolest private eye ever.
The Invisible Man: Season 1 1958
After a freak accident while conducting a secret experiment to achieve invisibility with light refraction, Dr. Peter Brady is transformed into an invisible man. Unable to find an antidote and return to a visible state, he is enlisted as the ultimate British secret agent to solve crimes and conduct secret spy missions
Peter Gunn: Season 1 1958
A gang attempts to extort money from Mother. When she refuses to pay, the gang dynamites her club and critically injures its owner. When the police investigation into the bombing moves too slowly for Gunn, the detective goes hunting for the man he holds responsible
Colonel March of Scotland Yard 1956
Boris Karloff stars as a master criminologist heading The Department of Queer Complaints, specializing in bizarre crimes that challenge logic and reason.
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