Monday, September 22, 2014

New Movie Tuesday

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 30 September 2014:

24: Live another day
Exiled in London for four years, former counter terrorist unit agent Jack Bauer must spring into action to try to save U.S. President James Heller. In retribution for a drone strike he ordered, Heller sits in the crosshairs of the window of an al-Qaeda leader. Along the way, Jack faces his ex-love, Heller's daughter Audrey, who's married to chief of staff Mark Boudreau.
Al Capone - Icon
Al Capone - the quintessential self-made American man, ruthless killer or both? Just his name sparks images of pin-stripe suits and bloody violence. To this day, Americans are fascinated by this celebrity gangster. The question is why?
American War Generals
Reveals many never-before-heard stories and opinions from the legendary leaders of the modern U.S. Army. Their accounts reveal the big changes that have transformed the U.S. military from the first troops to enter Vietnam to the last combat troops to exit Afghanistan, explaining the critical personal experiences that shaped their lives and the way they approached modern warfare.
Are you here
When his off-the-grid best buddy Ben Baker inherits his estranged father's fortune, womanizing local weatherman Steve Dallas joins forces with him to battle the legal challenge brought by Ben's formidable sister.
The Big Burn
Inspired by Timothy Egan's best-selling book, The Big Burn is the dramatic story of an unimaginable wildfire that swept across the Northern Rockies in the summer of 1910. The fire devoured more than three million acres in 36 hours, confronting the fledgling U.S. Forest Service with a catastrophe that would define the agency and the nation's fire policy for the rest of the 20th century and beyond.
Cold in July
After killing a home invader in self defense, an East Texas man finds his family's life in danger when the dead man's father, a ruthless ex-con, rolls into town seeking revenge.
Enemy of the Reich - the Noor Inayat Khan Story
In 1943, Noor Inayat Khan was recruited as a covert operative into Winston Churchill's Special Operations Executive. With an American mother and Indian Muslim father, she was an extremely unusual British agent. After her network collapsed, Khan became the only surviving radio operator linking the British to the French Resistance in Paris, coordinating the airdrop of weapons and agents, and the rescue of downed Allied fliers.
The Fidel Castro Tapes
In 1959, Fidel Castro rose to power in Cuba. He has been one of the most controversial figures in the world ever since. This chronicles the Cuban leader's ability to maintain control through ongoing tumult in his country, and in his dealings with the United States and the rest of the world.
Forgotten Kingdom
A heavy burden compels Atang to leave the bustle of Johannesburg, he must return to his ancestral land of Lesotho to bury his estranged father in the remote, mountainous village where he was born. Once there, complications delay his ultimate departure, including reunion with a childhood friend who's blossomed into a beautiful schoolteacher. A playful meditation on the value of hardship and the mystical beauty of a land and its people.
Golden Time
Tada Banri is beginning anew in the busy streets of Tokyo as a freshman student at a private law school, away from the troubles of his former life. While managing to get lost on his very first day of class, he finds himself befriending fellow law student Mitsuo on the way. Things get a little more interesting when a stylishly well-dressed beauty suddenly appears, only for her to slap Mitsuo across the face with a bouquet of roses!
The Mentalist - the complete 6th season
Armed with a list of seven suspects confirmed by the killer himself, Patrick Jane and the CBI team are closing in on the elusive serial killer while continuing to solve California's most puzzling crimes. Could Red John be a cult leader? A ghoulish forensic analyst? A super-suspicious Homeland Security Agent? Or one of four law officials, including the director of the CBI himself? The identity of the man who killed Patrick Jane's family is finally revealed in a climactic showdown.
Mike & Molly - complete 4th season
In the Season Four premiere, 'Molly Unleashed,' Molly abruptly gives up her job teaching elementary school to follow her dreams of becoming a writer. With the ever-present support of her beat-cop husband Mike and her family, Molly sets out to become the woman she was always meant to be.
The Mind of a Chef: Ed Lee
From Executive Producer Anthony Bourdain, these 8 half-hour episodes will take you into the mind of Chef Edward Lee as he explores the history and heritage of what it means to be a chef. Edward Lee's culinary style draws inspiration from his Asian heritage, his New York training, and his embrace of the American South, coupled with the best ingredients from local farms.
The Mystery of Agatha Christie with David Suchet
David Suchet has spent more of his life acting out the plots of Agatha Christie's work than anyone else in the world.
Nightcap - Merci pour le chocolat
The lives of Mika and her husband, celebrated pianist Andre Polonski, are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Jeanne, a young woman who has learned that she almost had been switched at birth with Polonski's son in the hospital. Also a pianist, Jeanne speculates that she may be Andre's daughter. Her suspicions further aroused by Mika's behavior, Jeanne begins the dangerous task of unraveling a dark web of family secrets and lies.
NYPD Blue Season 7
One of television's finest police dramas returns in the seventh season. The season seven sees the continuing relationship between Danny Sorenson and his not-so-new partner Andy Sipowicz.
One piece - film Z
Said to be comparable to the Ancient Weapons of old, the Marines' trump card, the 'Dyna Stones,' have suddenly been stolen by a group of renegade vigilantes. The terrifyingly powerful man responsible, former Marine Admiral 'Z,' now stands in the path of Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates. Can the Straw Hats defeat 'Z' and his crew, or will the New World meet its end at the hands of this mad man?
The story of women & art
Award-winning author and historian Amanda Vickery hosts this engrossing look into an often-overlooked subject: the life and work of female artists. The series offers a comprehensive examination of women artists, beginning with the Renaissance and ending with the early twentieth century.

Time Team America - Season 1 & 2
The team plunges the viewer into the grime and glory of real-life archaeology: epiphany and exhaustion, discovery and disappointment. The team explores the mysteries of the past through what they find buried below the ground. Part adventure, part hard science, part reality show, applies the latest technology and the team's collective expertise to solving the riddles of the past.
Transformers - Age of extinction
The world was saved after an epic battle that left a great city torn. As humanity picks up the pieces, a shadowy group reveals itself in an attempt to control the direction of history, while an ancient, powerful new menace sets Earth in its crosshairs. With help from a new cast of humans, Optimus Prime and the Autobots rise to meet their most fearsome challenge yet. In an incredible adventure, they are swept up in a war of good and evil, ultimately leading to a climactic battle across the world.
Under the Electric Sky
Beginning in 1997 with a few thousand revelers in Los Angeles, the Electric Daisy Carnival has become the largest dance music event in North America. Known for its over the top displays of pyrotechnics, world-class artists, costumed theatrical performers, interactive art installations, full scale carnival rides and state-of-the-art lighting and sound production, this year's festival attracted 345,000 attendees from June 21-23, 2013.
Vaccines - Calling the Shots
Diseases that were largely eradicated in the U.S. a generation ago - including whooping cough, measles, mumps - are returning, in part because nervous parents are skipping their children's shots. This takes viewers around the world to track epidemics, explore the science behind vaccinations, and shed light on the risks of opting out. The vast majority of Americans - more than 90% - vaccinate their children. Yet many people have questions about the safety of vaccines.
What's Up NASA? 9.2014 Edition
Get ready for exciting up-to-the-minute video of what's happening at NASA. Whether it is the latest launch, mission, or new discovery, this video brings it to the viewer with incredible picture and sound! Each month, this video magazine will bring the thrill of space exploration to all!
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is The Rover with 415 requests.

Scandal - the complete third season had 130 requests,
Very Good Girls had 129 requests,
Defiance - season two had 82 requests,
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season One had 71 requests,
Ida had 70 requests,
The 100 - the complete first season had 70 requests,
Found had 59 requests,
Nashville - the complete second season had 58 requests,
Royal Pains - Season 5 had 50 requests,
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 15th Year had 47 requests, 
Firestorm had 46 requests,
Necessary Roughness - Season 3 had 36 requests,
Mom - the complete first season had 36 requests,
Bold Eagles had 32 requests,
Key & Peele - Season 3 had 30 requests,
We are the best! had 29 requests,
WWE Sting had 24 requests,
Pokemon Black & White Adventures in Unova - set 1 had 24 requests,
National Geographic Classics: History's Notorious had 18 requests,
Postman Pat - The Movie had 17 requests,
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Green with Evil had 17 requests,
Paris-Manhattan had 17 requests,
Transformers Prime - the Ultimate Autobots had 8 requests,
The Tom & Jerry Show - Season 1 Part 1 had 7 requests,
The Last of the Unjust had 7 requests, and
Live at the Foxes Den had 3 requests.

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