Monday, August 18, 2014

New Movie Tuesday

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 26 August 2014:

75 Years of WWII
In this special collection, History examines the deadliest conflict in human history. D-Day in HD presents the most critical military operation of WWII and the largest amphibious assault in history. Through the personal accounts of soldiers on both sides, this special tells the story in the first person, in the words of those who lived it, from famous leaders like Eisenhower to unknown foot soldiers.
Austin and Ally - Chasing the beat
Join Austin, Ally, and their hilarious best friends Trish and Dez as they take Miami by storm. Go undercover with Ally as she transforms herself into the edgy songwriter 'Roxy Rocket.' Tag along with Austin on his big date, where Ally reveals her true feelings. Then, get into the groove when Austin and Ally compete against one another in an epic Glee Club mashup!
After a disastrous blind date, single parents Lauren and Jim agree on only one thing: they never want to see each other again. But when they each sign up separately for a fabulous family vacation with their kids, they are all stuck sharing a suite at a luxurious African safari resort for a week.
Follows the lives of a group of doctors and nurses working in a London hospital, a world in which everything and everyone has their place. But underneath this veneer simmers a cauldron of lies and guilty secrets, driven by love, ambition and sex. Breathless opens in 1961, a time when Britain was on the brink of the '60s revolution, abortion is illegal and the contraceptive pill is only just available to married women.
Criminal Minds - the Ninth Season
FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) knows no boundaries when it comes to tracking down ruthless and unpredictable killers. Unit chief Aaron Hotchner and Special Agents David Rossi, Alex Blake, Dr. Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan and 'JJ' Jareau use the art of profiling and psychological tactics to solve the FBI's most extreme and violent cases. With the help of technical analyst, Penelope Garcia, the BAU takes down serial killers, uncovers dark secrets, and saves lives, including one of their own.
The Double
Simon is a timid man, scratching out an isolated existence in an indifferent world. He is overlooked at work, scorned by his mother, and ignored by the woman of his dreams. He feels powerless to change any of these things. The arrival of a new co-worker, James, serves to upset the balance. James is both Simon's exact physical double and his opposite: confident, charismatic and good with women. To Simon's horror, James slowly starts taking over his life.
Earth - the Sequel
Based on the New York Times bestselling book by the same name, provides a straightforward look at the green energy revolution taking place all around us. Featuring the inventors and entrepreneurs who are leading the charge in this mission, we'll see how going green is not only good for the planet, but it's also good for business.
Elementary - the second season
Jonny Lee Miller returns in this modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes, the dangerously eccentric consulting detective who's addicted to impossible cases. Lucy Liu stars as Dr. Joan Watson, his 'sober companion' turned partner in detection. Together, they take on some of the strangest crimes New York has ever seen as they assist the police in uncovering clues that unlock the city's sinister secrets. Only to the very sharpest minds do the incredible solutions seem elementary.
Ghost Bird
Ghost Bird is a non-fiction feature about a small town in Arkansas, an extinct giant woodpecker and everybody looking for the Holy Grail of birding - the Ivory-billed woodpecker. Following numerous sightings and its widely announced rediscovery in 2005, the world's best birders have been unable to locate even one "Lord God Bird" after over three years of intensive searching. Ghost Bird examines the meaning of hope, faith and the limits of certainty in the quest to resurrect this lost species...unless, like the Holy Grail itself, the Ivory-bill remains forever out of reach.
Good Luck Charlie - so long, farewell
Laugh yourself silly with five unforgettable episodes from Season Four, including the two-part series finale. See Mrs. Dabney strut her stuff at the roller rink, relive the romantic reunion of Teddy and Spencer, and so much more. Celebrate the past and embrace the future as the Duncans follow their dreams together.
Haven - complete 4th season
Season four includes a storyline of a pair of paranormal investigator who star in their own reality show while on a fact finding mission to expose Haven's secrets.
Legends of Oz - Dorothy's return
Dorothy's only just returned home from her first incredible journey to Oz, but she's already being called back for another adventure! After waking to post-tornado Kansas, Dorothy and Toto are whisked to Oz on a magical rainbow mover sent by their old friends the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man. Time in Oz has passed much faster than back in Kansas, and Dorothy discovers that the Jester, the devious brother of the Wicked Witch of the West, is taking Oz over one region at a time.
The Love Punch
Middle aged and divorced, company owner Richard Jones is looking forward to a worry-free existence as he arrives at his office on his last day of work. Much to his dismay, he discovers that the management buyout of his company was fraudulent. The company is now bankrupt and the employee pension fund, including his own, has been embezzled. Enlisting the help of his ex-wife Kate, Richard sets out to track down the shady businessman behind this, Vincent Kruger.
The Normal Heart
A film drama that tells the dramatic, poignant and often-exasperating story of the early days of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City in the early '80s, taking an unflinching look at the nation's sexual politics as gay activists and their allies in the medical community fight to expose the truth about the burgeoning epidemic to a city and nation in denial.
In Tokyo, a young man and woman are about to endure the most crucial night of their lives. They will experience a range of emotions, including alienation, terror and joy. Searching for their place in the world through the maze of Tokyo's nightlife, they will come out the other end transformed.
Portlandia - Season 4
IFC's hit sketch comedy series, created, written by, and starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, is driven by a series of hilarious character-based shorts all of which take place in Portlandia, the creators' dreamy and absurd rendering of Portland, Oregon, where '90s culture reigns supreme and political correctness is all the rage.
Revenge - The complete third season
Over twenty years ago, Hamptons' wealthiest elite destroyed a young girl's life when they framed and murdered her father. Fueled by this betrayal, Emily Thorne came back and began to exact revenge on those who wronged her. This season, the stakes are higher than ever and may end up costing her everything, including her life.
Sons of Anarchy season 6
Episodes for season six include: Straw; One One Six; Poenitentia; Wolfsangel; The Mad King; Salvage; Sweet and Vaded; Los Fantasmas; John 8:32; Huang Wu; Aon Rud Persanta; You Are My Sunshine; and A mother's Work.
Three childhood friends join the Hong Kong Triads, only to discover that fame and fortune will ultimately break them apart as only one can become the leader of the gang.
UFC 173 - Barao vs Dillashaw
Owner of a remarkable 35-fight unbeaten streak, Renan Barao will put his UFC bantamweight title on the line when he faces contender TJ Dillashaw in the main event of UFC 173. Fresh off a first-round knockout of Urijah Faber in February, the Brazilian bomber has every intention of doing the same to Dillashaw, an offensive machine who has five Octagon victories. Plus, welterweight knockout artists Robbie Lawler and Jake Ellenberger both look to move into position for a 170-pound title shot.
Uta No Prince Sama 2000% Complete
Fortunately, since she's moved into the dorms Haruka's available for even more music making. Only now StArish has some real competition, as the new golden-throated warblers from the Senior Master Course make it their job to show the first six what it really takes to become a J-Pop star. And what about that mysterious seventh member of StArish?
The Walking Dead - Season 4
Get ready for exciting up-to-the-minute video of what's happening at NASA. Whether it be the latest launch, mission, or new discovery, this video brings it to you with incredible picture and sound! Each month, this video magazine will bring the thrill of space exploration to all!
What's Up NASA? 8.2014 Edition
Get ready for exciting up-to-the-minute video of what's happening at NASA. Whether it be the latest launch, mission, or new discovery, this video brings it to you with incredible picture and sound! Each month, this video magazine will bring the thrill of space exploration to all!
Wicked Tuna: Season 3
Fishing is a hard life, and harder with bluefin stocks depleted. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, there's a special breed of fishermen. In its third season, it follows the most skilled fishermen as they set out in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic in hopes of catching the valuable bluefin tuna. When one bluefin can bring in as much as $20,000, they'll do whatever it takes to hook up.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with 1139 requests.

Sabotage had 776 requests,
Boardwalk Empire - the complete fourth season had 443 requests,
The Quiet Ones had 307 requests,
Fading Gigolo had 301 requests,
Only Lovers Left Alive had 229 requests,
Once Upon a Time - the complete third season had 219 requests,
A Good Man had 163 requests,
Toy Story of Terror had 155 requests,
Starship Rising had 149 requests,
NCIS Season 11 had 114 requests,
Rosemary's Baby had 108 requests,
The Good Wife - the fifth season had 88 requests,
Revolution - the complete second season had 81 requests,
NCIS - Los Angeles - the fifth season had 72 requests,
Rampage - Capital Punishment had 59 requests,
The Sacrament had 42 requests,
Parenthood Season 5 had 39 requests,
Parks & Recreation - Season 6 had 31 requests,
The Mindy Project - Season 2 had 23 requests,
Battleground 2014 had 22 requests,
Inside Combat Rescue - The Last Stand had 13 requests, and
Secrets of the dead - the Mona Lisa mystery had 8 requests.

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