Monday, February 10, 2014

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 18 February 2014:

It was the year of the Beatles and the Civil Rights Act; of the Gulf of Tonkin and Barry Goldwater's campaign for the presidency; the year that Americans learned smoking was bad for their health and Cassius Clay became Mohammed Ali; the year that cities across the country erupted in violence and Americans tried to make sense of the assassination of their president.  
Based on The Last Innocent Year: America in 1964, the film will follow some of the most prominent figures of the time.
Afternoon Delight
Rachel is a quick-witted yet tightly coiled thirty-something bored with her daily routine of preschool auctions and a lackluster sex life and career that has gone kaput. Looking to spice up her marriage, Rachel takes her husband Jeff to a strip club and meets McKenna, a stripper she becomes obsessed with saving. Rachel adopts McKenna as her live-in nanny, wreaking havoc on her friends, family, and herself.
Game of Thrones - complete 3rd season
From the scheming south and the savage eastern lands to the frozen north and the ancient Wall that protects the realm from the mysterious darkness beyond, the powerful families of the Seven Kingdoms are locked in a battle for the Iron Throne.
Machete Kills
In his latest mission, Machete is recruited by the U.S. President to stop a crazed global terrorist who is planning to start a nuclear war. Meanwhile, Machete has a bounty on his head, and he faces death from a series of deadly assassins.
Nurse Jackie - Season 5
The show returns for a fifth season. After leaving rehab early, Jackie finds sobriety and relative happiness, but that is the calm before the storm. With her marriage coming to an end, a careless accident sends Jackie to her own all Saints Hospital for emergency care. While recovering, she meets NYC policeman Frank Verelli, whose flirtatious advances may lead Jackie into uncharted territory: dating.
On the job
When a prominent drug dealer is murdered, Sergeant Acosta (Joey Marquez) and Federal agent Francis (Piolo Pascual) lead the investigation, but the trail goes immediately cold. What they discover is a conspiracy of massive scale. The killers (Joel Torre and Gerald Anderson) are inmates, temporarily released from jail as assassins before returning to incarceration.
Property Wars: season one
On Property Wars, buyers gamble big bucks on houses up for auction, But they can't step foot inside the house before they bid on it. It'll take experience, ingenuity, and luck to turn a profit. Sometimes their gambles pay off big on a pristine house, but sometimes the inside reveals a profit-decimating house of horrors.
The Rise and Fall of Penn Station
In 1910, the Pennsylvania Railroad, led by the company's president, Alexander Cassatt, successfully accomplished the enormous engineering feat of building tunnels under New York City's Hudson and East Rivers, connecting the railroad to New York and eventually, via the Hell Gate Bridge, to New England, knitting together the entire eastern half of the United States. But just fifty-three years after the station's opening, the unthinkable happened.
Tom & Jerry - Mouse Trouble
Tom and Jerry are at it again in a fun collection of 30 cartoons featuring Jerry and his mischievous hijinks.
UFC 167
One of UFC's best pound-for-pound fighters, Georges St-Pierre, has been unbeaten for six years, having defended his welterweight title eight times. On November 16th in Las Vegas, Montreal's finest will face Johny Hendricks, an opponent with the style and desire to end his streak. A two-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion with one-punch knockout power, 'Bigg Rigg' is set on derailing St-Pierre's march to the Hall of Fame in the main event of UFC 167.
In 1982, amid the Lebanese Civil War, Israeli pilot Yoni is shot down over Beirut and taken prisoner by inhabitants of a Palestinian refugee camp. Among them is ten-year-old Fahed, whose father obsessively tends to his prized, but sickly olive tree, refusing to replant it until they return to their homeland. Fahed decides to use him to get past the border and into Palestine to plant his father's olive tree. The two embark on a dangerous journey, one that tests the very boundaries of humanity.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is Ender's Game with 1179 requests.

All is Lost had 820 requests,
Chronicles of Riddick: Riddick had 785 requests,
The Counselor had 719 requests,
Sherlock - Season Three had 301 requests,
Austenland had 286 requests,
Killing Kennedy had 179 requests,
Grace Unplugged had 155 requests,
Haunter had 109 requests,
Young Detective Dee had 93 requests,
The Returned had 72 requests,
Hindenburg had 70 requests,
Jungle Book had 66 requests,
Doctor Who: The Moonbase had 49 requests,
Dallas - Complete Second Season had 41 requests,
Mike Tyson - Undisputed truth had 30 requests,
WWE Shawn Michaels - Mr. Entertainment had 25 requests,
Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer had 13 requests,
Yukon Men: Season one had 12 requests,
Spies of Mississippi had 12 requests, and
The mind of a chef: April Bloomfield had 4 requests.

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