Monday, November 18, 2013

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 26 November 2013:

Critically acclaimed alcoholic actress Thea Barfoed has gone through turmoil, resulting in a divorce and the loss of custody of her two boys. Eager to break with the past, regain control over her life, and get her children back, she uses charm and manipulation to persuade her ex-husband, Christian, that she is able to take back the mantle of motherhood. But ironically, she has not completely convinced herself.
Breaking Bad - The final season
In the final episodes, Emmy winners Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul bring the saga of Breaking Bad to a bloody conclusion in their roles as meth kingpin Walter White and his guilt-ridden partner Jesse Pinkman. As each tries to get clear of the wreckage they left behind in the meth world, DEA agent Hank Schrader's obsessive pursuit of 'Heisenberg' gains steam, leading up to a shattering finale that will leave no one in Walt's world unscathed.
The Canyons
Manipulative and scheming young movie producer Christian makes films to keep his trust fund intact, while his actress girlfriend and bored plaything, Tara, hides a passionate affair with an actor from her past. When Christian becomes aware of Tara's infidelity, the young Angelenos are thrust into a violent, sexually-charged tour through the dark side of human nature.
Free China: The courage to believe
Tells the story of a mother and former Communist Party member, Jennifer Zeng, who along with more than 70 Million Chinese were practicing a belief that combined Buddhism and Daoism until the Chinese Government outlawed it. The Internet police intercepted an email and Jennifer was imprisoned for her faith. Also exposes profound issues such as genocide and unfair trade practices with the West.
Brent Magna is a burned out race car driver who is thrust into a do-or-die mission behind the wheel when his wife is kidnapped. With Brent's only ally being a young hacker, his one hope of saving his wife is to follow the orders of the mysterious voice who's watching his every move through cameras mounted on the car Brent's driving.
The Grandmaster
Watch an epic action feature inspired by the life and times of the legendary kung fu master, Ip Man, who mentored Bruce Lee. The story spans the tumultuous Republican era that followed the fall of China's last dynasty, a time of chaos, division, and war that was also the golden age of Chinese martial arts.
How Sherlock changed the world
Sherlock Holmes, the most famous fictional detective in the world, was also the first Crime Scene Investigator. Based on a real surgeon, Holmes was a scientist who used chemistry, bloodstains, and minute traces of evidence to solve the crime. How Sherlock Changed The World details the impact and legacy of the most famous crime fighter in history.
JFK - The smoking gun
Veteran Police Detective Colin McLaren spent four years on the forensic cold-case investigation of JFK's assassination. What he had, and other investigators did not, was modern technology and access to all the evidence, facts and eyewitness testimony. He claims to have solved a crime that is every bit as shocking and incredible today as it was when it happened 50 years ago. A far cry from the fanciful conspiracy theories, McLaren believes he has found the 'smoking gun' that killed JFK.
Porque el Amor Manda
This is the story of Jesus, a self-driven man who always sees the glass as half-full. However, his positive attitude and determination will constantly be put to the test as he must find ways to reinvent himself and earn the love of his daughter and the woman of his dreams.
Two cops are dispatched by the Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.) to protect and serve the living from increasingly destructive spirits hiding among the unsuspecting Earth. When they uncover a plot that could end life as we know it, the new partners have to turn grudging respect into top-notch teamwork to restore the cosmic balance-or watch the tunnel to the afterlife begin sending angry souls the very wrong way.
Red 2
Retired black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses rejoins his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device.
Red Obsession
The great chateaux of Bordeaux struggle to accommodate the voracious appetite for their rare, expensive wines, which have become a powerful status symbol in booming China. Narrated by Russell Crowe.
Secret Life of Predators
When you've clawed your way to the top of the food chain, you have to fight to stay there. Experience this harsh reality through the eyes of the determined predators that rely on skill, instinct, and evolution to survive. But while they may be masters of their domains, that doesn't mean things always go their way - and with young mouths to feed, the pressure is on.
The Watsons go to Birmingham
Chronicles the ordinary interactions and everyday routines of the Watsons, an African American family living in Flint, Michigan, and how they are drastically changed after they go to visit Grandma in Alabama in the summer of 1963.
WWE - Hell in a cell 2013
The Superstars of WWE will be surrounded by an unforgiving steel prison in a night where the only way to emerge as a World Champion is to inflict and endure career-altering punishment. It is a match so brutal that only eleven men in the history of WWE have claimed victory, and even fewer have summoned the strength to walk away on their own. Now an annual fall tradition, who, if any, will add their name to this illustrious
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is We're the Millers with 680 requests.

Planes had 660 requests,
Paranoia had 443 requests,
The To Do List had 303 requests,
All is Bright had 95 requests,
Violet & Daisy had 69 requests,
And while we were here had 54 requests,
Hannah Arendt had 42 requests,
Treme - Complete 3rd Season had 39 requests,
Bridegroom had 38 requests,
Informant had 32 requests,
WWE - History of the WWE had 32 requests,
Definitive Guide to the JFK Assassination had 31 requests,
Doctor Who: the Tenth Planet had 30 requests,
One Piece - Strong World had 22 requests,
JFK had 20 requests,
Drew - the man behind the poster had 12 requests,
Egypt in Crisis had 10 requests,
The Devil's Ride - Season 1 had 10 requests,
Ground Zero Supertower had 10 requests,
Shiva Rea Yoga in Greece had 10 requests,
Craft in America - Forge had 2 requests, and
Harvesting the High Plains - turning wheat into gold had 2 requests.

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