Monday, September 9, 2013

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 17 September 2013:

Ancient Earth Collection
Explore the life, love, and war of long ago. 'Scandals of the Ancient World' acts as a video tabloid, revealing the juiciest dirt on the most notorious celebrities, scandals, and mishaps of these civilizations. Plus, episodes of 'Superweapons of the Ancient World' will revive some of the most destructive weapons of Greek and Roman war. Using military engineers and other modern-day experts, skilled teams will recreate the frighteningly deadly legends: the Ram, the Claw, and the City Destroyer.
Bates Motel: Season 1
A modern day re-imagining of, and prequel to, the classic film Psycho. The story follows Norman Bates' teenage years, delving into his intricate relationship with his mother, and how she helped forge the most infamous serial killer of them all.
Behind the Candelabra
Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Steven Soderbergh and executive produced by Jerry Weintraub, this HBO Films drama recreates the glittering private world of Liberace, the flamboyant, phenomenally successful entertainer whose extravagant costumes, trademark candelabra, and elaborate stage shows made him the most bankable entertainer of his time.
Bless Me Ultima
In New Mexico in the time of WWII, a young man goes to an aged medicine woman and forms a relationship which helps him challenge the fight amid the good and the evil that storms through his village.
The Bling Ring
The Bling Ring tells the story of a group of fame-obsessed teenagers living in the suburbs of Los Angeles who use the Internet to track celebrities' whereabouts in order to rob their empty homes. Ringleader Rebecca leads the group of misfits including Marc, Nicki, Sam, and Chloe on the ultimate heist for designer clothes and jewelry. What starts out as teenage fun quickly spins out of control.
CSI: Complete 13th Season
The CSI team is on the case 24/7, scouring the scene, collecting irrefutable evidence, and finding the missing pieces that will solve the mystery. Includes 22 episodes plus the CSI crossover episode.
A couple is drawn into a dangerous situation when their secrets are exposed online. A widowed ex-cop struggles to raise a mischievous son who cyber-bullies a classmate. An ambitious journalist sees a career-making story in a teen that performs on an adult-only site. They are strangers, neighbors and colleagues and their stories collide in this riveting dramatic thriller about ordinary people struggling to connect in today's wired world.
The Kelly brothers spend their youth searching for the perfect wave in Australia. Out of necessity the family launches a backyard surf business, re-thinking board design, crafting homemade wetsuits, and selling merchandise out of their van. Battling big waves, small-town conservatism, and criminals, the brothers give rise to a global brand. A story of passion, corruption, friendship and loyalty, deadly addictions, and fractured relationships.
The East
Sarah Moss is an ambitious new recruit at an elite private intelligence firm. Her first undercover assignment is to infiltrate 'The East,' an elusive activist collective that terrorizes corporate leaders who commit crimes against humanity. The more involved she gets, the more Sarah's life is in danger.
Grimm - Season two
Now fully embracing his identity as a Grimm, Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt tackles even more gruesome and bizarre crimes linked to creatures of lore. With the help of his partner Hank and Wesen confidants Monroe and Rosalee, Nick must face an ancient royal bloodline linked to the mysterious Captain Renard, all while fighting to keep from losing the love of his life forever.
Leverage - the fifth season
Leverage focuses on a team led by former insurance investigator turned thief, Nate Ford. Together, they try to level the playing field for people whose lives have been destroyed by the rich and powerful. In the final season of Leverage, the team will be forced to face changing personal dynamics as the relationship between Parker and Hardison heats up, and Nate continues to struggle with inner demons.
The Mentalist - complete 5th season
Patrick Jane returns for Season Five of The Mentalist. Starring Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Simon Baker as the California Bureau of Investigation consultant and former faux-psychic obsessed with finding Red John, the serial killer who murdered his family.
Naruto Shippuden the Movie - The Lost Tower
The Rogue Ninja Mukade is about to be caught by Naruto's team when he summons forth the power of the Ley Line an ancient underground channel of chakra. Naruto gets caught up in the chakra and is sent back in time to the city of Loran, known for its thousand towers.
Nashville - the complete first season
Behind the music of Nashville lies a web of betrayal, heartbreak, and rivalry second to none. Rayna James is the Queen of Country, but there's a new 'royal' on the rise. Meet Juliette Barnes, a hot, young diva poised to knock Rayna off her throne, both on the charts and in the heart of Rayna's lead guitarist and former lover, Deacon Claybourne.
Scenic Route
Mitchell and Carter, life-long friends who have drifted apart, are on a road trip when their old pickup breaks down, leaving them stranded on an isolated desert road. What begins as an inconvenience becomes a very real life or death struggle.
Sex - how it works
It gives us pleasure, it gives us pain and it gives us life. But how much do you know about how sex works? National Geographic takes a fascinating look at one of the world's most popular pastimes. Through gripping real-life stories, new technology and cutting edge computer graphics we explore sex like never before, journeying from first times to playing the field - all the way to humankind's ultimate goal, procreation.
Two American Families
Chronicles the struggles of the Neumanns and the Stanleys as they try to hold onto their homes, their jobs, their health insurance, and a future for their children. A remarkable portrait of perseverance, the 90-minute film raises unsettling questions about the changing nature of the U.S. economy and the fate of a declining middle class.
UFC 161 - Evans vs Henderson
The UFC's first trip to Winnipeg will be one for the history books, with a stacked card filled with elite superstars. In the UFC 161 main event, light heavyweight stars face off when former UFC champion Rashad Evans faces Dan Henderson. Plus, heavyweight knockout king Roy Nelson squares off against Stipe Miocic.
Vegas - Season 1
A drama inspired by a real life sheriff and his battle with a powerful mobster for control of Las Vegas in the 1960s.
World War Z
Gary Lane travels the globe in an effort to eliminate the zombie pandemic that is endangering the existence of humanity.
WWE Summerslam 2013
WWE takes over Hollywood for the biggest event of the summer! The Staples Center will shine brighter than ever as all the top Superstars look for career defining moments in one of WWE's signature events.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is Star Trek Into Darkness with 1093 requests.

Homeland - complete second season had 470 requests,
Tyler Perry's Peeples  had 396 requests,
The Big Bang Theory - the complete 6th season had 226 requests,
Supernatural - Complete 8th season had 136 requests,
Castle - the complete 5th season had 130 requests,
Parade's End had 83 requests,
Chasing Ice had 82 requests,
Love is all you need had 74 requests,
Blue Bloods - the third season had 63 requests,
Army Wives - complete seventh season had 57 requests,
WWE Legends of Mid-South Wrestling had 28 requests,
Bleach Uncut - DVD Set 18 had 21 requests,
Ping Pong had 14 requests,
Flair Bartending had 5 requests,
The Witness - El Testigo had 4 requests, and
Pokemon Black & White Rival Destinies had 1 request.

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