Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 1 October 2013:

Beauty and the Beast - Season 1
Homicide detective Catherine 'Cat' Chandler teams with the mysterious Dr. Vincent Keller, the man who saved her life years earlier and who has a terrible secret, when he is enraged, he becomes a terrifying beast, unable to control his super-strength and heightened senses. They develop a complex relationship, understanding that their connection is extremely dangerous for both of them.
The Big Parade
The highest-grossing silent film of all time, as well as the first realistic war drama, tells the harrowing story of a young man's front-line experiences in World War I. The film fiercely captures the heroism of the ordinary foot soldier struggling to survive, and how James' determination to return to the village girl he loves faces the ultimate test.
Bryce Begins
A gripping documentary that gets you closer to Bryce Harper than ever before. At age sixteen, Bryce appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the headline 'Baseball's Chosen One.' At age seventeen, Bryce was selected as the first pick in the MLB Draft by the Washington Nationals. And at age 19, Bryce lived up to the hype and won the NL Rookie of the Year Award by putting together one of the greatest seasons by a teenager in baseball history and leading the Nationals to the Postseason.
The Croods
The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures, and their outlook is changed forever.
Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 5-8
In this commemoration celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who this is a look back at the actors who have portrayed this iconic hero over its historic past. The years 1981-1996 saw four new actors portray the Doctor, Peter Davison (1981-83), Colin Baker (1984-86), Sylvester McCoy (1987-89) and Paul McGann (1996). A retrospective is followed by one full story for each Doctor, including Earthshock, Vengeance on Varos, Remembrance of the Daleks, and Doctor Who: The Movie.
A Fierce Green Fire
Spanning 50 years of grassroots and global activism, this Sundance documentary brings to light the vital stories of the environmental movement where people fought, and succeeded, against enormous odds.
Glee - Complete 4th Season
Season four of the exhilarating Emmy-winning series finds Rachel and Kurt in New York City, Finn with a surprising new career, Will and Emma at a crossroads and Sue confronting a shocking situation! Meanwhile, tension mounts as the kids in New Directions head for Regionals, facing new challenges.
How I met your mother - Season 8
In the uproarious Eighth Season, the arrival of baby Marvin reminds Marshall and Lily of things they need, like sleep, better jobs and sex. Meanwhile Barney uses his playbook to win over Robin, but not her scary dad. Marshall tries to right a wrong in court in hopes of becoming a judge, and Robin's past is judged. Ted designs an amazing building, and also has designs on Barney's half-sister. But does he meet his future wife?
Latino Americans
Latino Americans chronicles the rich and varied history and experiences of Latinos, who have for the past 500-plus years helped shape what is today the United States. It is a story of people, politics, and culture, intersecting with much that is central to the history of the United States while also going to places where standard U.S. histories do not tend to tread.
Life and Death in Assisted Living
Nearly 750,000 elderly Americans are spending their later years in for-profit assisted living facilities. This loosely regulated, multibillion-dollar industry is dominated by one company: Emeritus Senior Living. In a year-long investigation, Frontline and ProPublica raise questions about fatal lapses in care, understaffing, and a quest for profits.
The Little Mermaid
Venture under the sea where Ariel, a free-spirited mermaid princess, longs to be part of the human world. After bravely striking a bargain with Ursula, a sneaky sea witch, Ariel embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. With Flounder and Sebastian at her side, Ariel will need all of her courage and determination to make things right in both of her worlds.
North America
North America: where civilization collides with untamed wilderness. Just feet beyond our own back yards rages a spectacle we rarely see. Join us as we step into this hidden world teeming with life, across impossible mountains and endless deserts. Dive into unexplored forests and crash into rugged coasts. Unforgiving, brutal, yet achingly beautiful, this vast continent offers boundless rewards for those brave enough to take on this land and call her home.
This is the end
The comedy This Is The End follows six friends trapped in a house after a series of strange and catastrophic events devastate Los Angeles. As the world unravels outside, dwindling supplies and cabin fever threaten to tear apart the friendships inside. Eventually, they are forced to leave the house, facing their fate and the true meaning of friendship and redemption.
With Love... From the age of reason
An executive at a multinational construction firm, Margaret's regimented lifestyle revolves around meetings, business dinners and pre-scheduled sex with her partner. But when a retired notary delivers a stack of letters written by Margaret when she was seven years old, the successful professional begins to rethink her existence. Moved by the words of herself at seven, Margaret returns to her childhood village to rediscover the fanciful dreams and playful idealism of her youth.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is Iron Man 3 with 1382 requests.

Redemption had 274 requests,
The Kings of Summer had 182 requests,
Two Broke Girls - the second season had 101 requests,
Hannibal - Season 1 89 requests,
South Park - Season 16 had 85 requests,
Hawaii Five-O - the third season 74 requests,
Unfinished Song had 66 requests,
Two and a half men - complete 10th season had 64 requests,
Brain Games: season 2 had 51 requests,
Blood of Redemption had 39 requests,
401(k) Magic had 38 requests,
Room 237 had 37 requests,
Fill the void had 35 requests,
WWE Triple H - thy kingdom come had 32 requests,
Law & Order Special Victims Unit - 14th Year had 30 requests,
Element - Yoga for strength & flexibility had 29 requests,
In the house had 17 requests,
Medaka Box complete collection had 17 requests,
Cody the Robosapien had 14 requests,
Ghost Hunters International - Season 3 had 12 requests,
Giants - Hometown heroics had 12 requests,
Neil Young: Heart of Gold had 9 requests,
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers had 8 requests,
Trekkies had 5 requests, and
Call me Kuchu had 4 requests.

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