Monday, July 1, 2013

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 9 July 2013:

Dead Man Down
In New York City, a crime lord's right-hand man is seduced by one of his boss's victims, a woman seeking retribution.
How the States got their shapes - Season 2
Every state has a shape and every line has a story to tell. This is a quiz show about what really divides the states and how those rivalries have shaped the nation and its people. This season, Brian Unger hits the road to uncover the history hidden in our map through man-on-the-street quizzes and head-to-head competitions that reveal the surprising history of places we thought we knew.
Never forget to lie
In his latest film, Marian Marzynski tells the extraordinary story of how he as a Jewish boy escaped the Holocaust, hiding from the Nazis, and surviving the war as an altar boy in a Catholic monastery. In a deeply moving and personal film he shares the poignant, painful recollections of other child survivors, many of whom are visiting scenes of their childhood for the last time.
Secrets of Althorp: The Spencers
This film focuses on Althorp, the ancestral home of the Spencer family since the 16th century. The interior of the house is generally considered its strongest asset as the Spencer family has assembled an impressive collection of portrait art including several pieces painted by the Flemish master Anthony van Dyck. Diana, Princess of Wales, is buried on the estate.
Spring Breakers
Four frustrated college girlfriends plot to fund their best spring break ever by burglarizing a fast-food shack. But that's only the beginning: during a night of partying, the girls get arrested. Hung over and clad only in bikinis, the girls appear before a judge and get bailed out unexpectedly by Alien, an infamous local dealer who takes them on the wildest spring-break trip in history.
Tyler Perry's Temptation - Confessions of a marriage counselor
An explosive romance about forbidden desires. The provocative story of Judith, an ambitious married woman whose temptation by a handsome billionaire leads to betrayal, recklessness and forever alters the course of her life.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is Identity Thief with 1364 requests.

Oz the Great and Powerful had 1097 requests,
Legends of the Old West had 20 requests,
Secrets of Henry VIII's Palace: Hampton Court had 19 requests,
The Retirement Gamble had 15 requests,
Constitution USA with Peter Sagal had 13 requests,
Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings had 13 requests, and
Call of the Wildman - Season 1 had 11 requests.

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