Monday, June 3, 2013

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 11 June 2013:

11 Flowers
A coming-of-age tale set in the final days of China's Cultural Revolution. Eleven-year-old Wang lives with his family in a remote village in Guizhou Province. Life is tough, but they make the most of what little they have. When Wang is selected to lead his school in daily gymnastics, he is told he must wear a clean, new shirt, which forces his family to make a great sacrifice. Soon after, Wang has an encounter with a wounded, desperate man on the run. In no time their fates are intertwined.
Betty & Coretta
Two extraordinary women-Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Betty Shabazz, wife of Malcolm X-come to life in this Lifetime Movie Network movie. After their husbands' tragic assassinations, they developed a unique friendship spanning three decades as they carried on the Civil Rights movement while supporting their families as single mothers. Through their strength and dignity, they became role models for millions of women.
The Black Kungfu Experience
The Black Kungfu Experience traces the rise of black kungfu in the United States in the 60s and 70s. Chinese and African American experiences evolve differently yet converge; they challenge political and social persecution. The film focuses on how a group of African American pioneers became masters in a subculture dominated by Chinese and white men. Their stories illustrate how kungfu still is a crucible of the black experience, which is less about flash, than it is about community.
Frankie go Boom
For his whole life Frank has been tortured, embarrassed and humiliated on film by his horrible brother, Bruce. When Bruce makes and uploads a video of a disastrous one-night stand of Frank's, the sex tape immediately becomes a viral hit and things really hit the fan. Will Jack, Bruce's violent drug-fiend rehab buddy, find out it's his daughter in the video? Can Phyllis, Bruce's transsexual computer hacker prison buddy, get them out of trouble?
Fred won't move out
With levity and sadness, two grown children and their aging parents struggle with the decision whether the older generation should stay in the house where they have lived for fifty years. Shot in the house where the director's parents loved for close to fifty years shortly after they moved out, the film's semi-autobiographical story is memorably acted by a small ensemble cast led by Elliot Gould.
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Get ready for a twisted take on the classic tale as Hansel and Gretel have turned pro, coping with the trauma of their childhood captivity by slaying witches for hire. But when the seemingly unstoppable bounty hunters meet their match in an enemy so evil, it'll take all their training, weapons and courage to survive. Revenge is sweeter than candy.
Killing Lincoln
A riveting historical narrative of the heart-stopping events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the first work of history from mega-bestselling author Bill O'Reilly.
Amid national chaos and fear for his life, tyrannical King Gwanghae orders his trusted counselor to find a royal body double. He recruits a crude, working-class peasant, Ha-seon, a village performer who bears a startling resemblance to the ruler. When the king falls into a coma from poisoning, he is secreted away to recover and Ha-seon reluctantly assumes the throne, forced to pull off history's biggest masquerade.
Necessary Roughness - Season 2
It's a new sports season and Dr. Dani Santino has a new set of issues to tackle both personally and professionally. Between juggling a new relationship with Matt, handling her own unpredictable teenagers, and dealing with emotional athletes on and off the field, the pressure is definitely on Dani to hold it all together.
The Newsroom - the complete first season
The Newsroom takes a behind-the-scenes look at a high-rated cable-news program at the fictional ACN Network, focusing on the on and off camera lives of its acerbic anchor, a new executive producer, and their newsroom staff.
The Philadelphia Experiment
In 1943, a secret government project attempted to create a cloaking device that would make warships invisible. But during the first test, the warship vanished - and could not be found again. Seventy years later, it reappears on a Pennsylvania runway, allowing the sole surviving crewman to escape and a local lawman to board. What is behind a sinister reactivation of the project? Where will the massive ship materialize next? And what will become of the two men trapped in a time/space catastrophe?
Secrets of the Dead - Caveman Cold Case
A tomb of 49,000 year-old Neanderthal bones discovered in El Sidron, a remote, mountainous region of northern Spain, leads to a compelling investigation to solve a double mystery: How did this group of Neanderthals die? And could the fate of this group help explain Neanderthal extinction? Scientists examine the bones and discover signs that tell a shocking story of how this group may have met their deaths.
Secrets of the Dead - Death on the Railroad
In 1832, 57 young men from Ireland boarded a ship to America, leaving behind an impoverished country in hopes of a better life. Arriving healthy, all were dead in eight weeks. Did they all die due to a cholera pandemic as was widely believed? Or, were some of them murdered? Using the latest forensic and scientific investigative techniques, as well as historical detective work in Ireland and the U.S., modern detectives and experts will unravel this extraordinary story.
A father's teenage son is wrongly accused of a drug distribution crime and is looking at a mandatory minimum prison sentence of ten years. Desperate and determined to rescue his son at all costs, he makes a deal with the U.S. attorney to work as an undercover informant and infiltrate a drug cartel on a dangerous mission, risking everything, including his family and his own life.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is A Good Day to Die Hard, with 1302 requests.

Warm Bodies had 800 requests,
Mama had 693 requests,
Escape from Planet Earth had 549 requests,
Breaking Bad - the complete 5th season had 293 requests,
Falling Skies - Complete 2nd Season had 181 requests,
Burn Notice - Season 6 had 132 requests,
Pretty Little Liars - Complete 3rd Season had 118 requests,
The Best of Superman had 36 requests,
Mountain Men - Season 1 had 35 requests,
Inside World War II had 28 requests,
The Horde had 24 requests,
Journey of the Universe had 22 requests,
Sadako had 29 requests,
Secrets of the Dead - Bugging Hitler's Soldiers had 18 requests,
Ice Road Truckers Complete Season 6 had 14 requests,
Mosquita y Mari had 14 requests, and
The Economic Meltdown had 12 requests.

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