Thursday, May 2, 2013

Picks by Staff to make you laugh, thrillers that are page-turners, and more!

Mechanics know how to fix cars, chefs know how to cook, and librarians know which books are good.  We see the best-sellers, we know which authors write series or which author is a good read-alike.  We host book clubs, and we always share a good title with each other.   Each one of us usually has several favorite authors they follow.   If you work in a library it is a given that reading is your favorite hobby.

We officially began sharing our favorites with you on a bookletter called Staff Picks.  Each month, Virtual Library staff collect titles that our co-workers are eager to share with you.  Books that made us laugh, thrillers that were page-turners, non-fiction on an array of topics.  We like regular books and eBooks.  We listen to audiobooks on the way to and from work.  We listen to downloaded audiobooks on an iPod or Smart Phone while working out.  

This month, take a look at Staff Picks and see if there isn’t something different there you would enjoy.  We’ll be back next month with more selections.

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