Monday, February 25, 2013

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 5 March 2013:

Alex Cross
Follows the young homicide detective/psychologist as he meets his match in a serial killer. The two face off in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, but when the mission gets personal, Cross is pushed to the edge of his moral and psychological limits in this taut and exciting action thriller.
Boundless Potential
Millions of people in their 40s and beyond face career, financial, and lifestyle challenges beyond what they may have anticipated, and they are left filled with uncertainty. Although the people may differ, their core question is the same: what now? Peabody award-winning journalist and Fortune 100 leadership educator Mark S. Walton set out on a journey across America to answer this question. Along the way, he met with reinventive individuals who shattered paradigms and researched brain science, psychology, and human performance; and he argues that people are not meant to downgrade ambitions, but reinvent them.
Bret "Hit Man" Hart - The Dungeon Collection
For nearly 30 years, Bret 'Hit Man' Hart travelled the globe proving he was 'The Best There is, The Best There Was, and the Best There Ever Will Be.' Now in the collection , compiled by the Hit Man himself, fans can experience Bret Hart's best matches never-before-released on DVD. He takes the viewer behind each match in a brand new, revealing interview detailing the inside stories surrounding these rare matches.
Brooke Burke Body - Sexy Abs
Dancing With The Stars co-host Brooke Burke helps viewers get the sexy abs they have always dreamed of.
The Distracted Mind, with Dr. Adam Gazzaley
The Distracted Mind with Dr. Adam Gazzaley explores the impact that multi-tasking has on our safety, our memory, our education, our careers, and our personal lives.
Fairly Legal Season two
Mediator Kate Reed's understanding of human behavior, through legal knowledge and wry sense of humor make her a natural when it comes to conflict resolution. Except when it comes to her own life. Kate's skills are really put to the test as she solves cases while balancing her complicated relationships with her stepmother who happens to also be her boss. The Assistant DA who is also her ex-husband.
Inside the Megastorm
Inside the Megastorm takes viewers moment by moment through Hurricane Sandy, its impacts and the future of storm protection. Through first person accounts from those who survived, and from experts and scientists, Inside the Megastorm gives scientific context to a new breed of storms.
Jillian Michaels Hard Body
Are you ready to take your body to the next level? It is the most effective total body workout for torching calories and transforming your entire physique. It is comprised of two 45-minute body-blasting workouts that progress in difficulty. These quick paced routines have fun, fresh new moves to deliver an incredible workout and turn your body into a lean and sexy high performance machine. Jillian also shows modifications for both beginners and advanced athletes in each workout.
Lay the Favorite
Beth, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress, falls in with Dink, a sports gambler who swoons for her as she proves to be something of a gambling prodigy, earning the initial ire of Dink's wife, Tulip.
Mayo Clinic Diet
The Mayo Clinic Diet puts you in charge of making simple, changes that will result in a weight you can maintain for the rest of your life. Join the experts at Mayo Clinic as they debunk the various weight-loss programs and give a real plan for lifelong weight management, and weight-loss success. Not a fad diet, just the facts, and tools to help you lose weight the healthy way. Experts share the information from years of research, and real people share their experiences from dieting to help guide the viewer.
Mind-Body Bootcamp - Repurpose
Combat fat and stress with this unique take on traditional bootcamp! Join three Gaiam fitness experts on a journey of burn and balance designed to challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally. Includes: Cardio Combo with Tanja Djelevic; Calorie Burn Yoga with Patricia Moreno; Budokon Blast with Cameron Shane.
MLB Superstars: Impact Players
Identifies today's MLB star players with an eye toward players in their prime or young players who have burst on the scene.
Monster High Double Feature
The Monster High ghouls are back in a freaky, fabulous double feature! When the boys can't compete in the Skulltimate Roller Maze Championships, Frankie Stein convinces her friends that some 'ghoul power' is needed to save the day in the creeptastic movie, 'Friday Night Frights.' Then, as the epic Sweet 1600th of Draculara approaches, she's got two crush-worthy guys out to steal her heart (literally) before the big event in 'Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?
Murdoch Mysteries - Season 5
Cutting-edge victorian science meets cunningly plotted mystery in this award-winning Canadian TV drama. William Murdoch is a detective in Toronto in 1895, using new forensic techniques like fingerprinting and psychological profiling. He crosses paths with famous figures including Arthur Conan Doyle, and H. G. Wells.
Red Dawn
The unsuspecting citizens of Spokane, Washington, wake up one morning to the shocking sight of foreign paratroopers dropping from the sky in a surprise attack on the United States. Soon the entire city is under enemy control, but a group of courageous teenagers has decided to fight back, waging an all-out war against the invaders, to take back their town and their freedom!
A woman's idyllic life is shattered when her husband is killed in a senseless act of violence. As she prepares to take matters into her own hand, two unexpected encounters begin to change everything.
Waiting for Lightning
The story of Danny Way, a visionary skateboarder who decided to jump the Great Wall of China.
Wreck-It Ralph
For decades, Ralph has played the bad guy in his popular video game. In a bold move, he embarks on an action-packed adventure and sets out to prove to everyone that he is a true hero with a big heart. As he explores exciting new worlds, he teams up with some unlikely new friends including feisty misfit Vanellope von Schweetz. Then, when an evil army threatens their world, Ralph realizes he holds the fate of the entire arcade in his massive hands.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Releasing on 3/2/2013) with 894 requests.

The Master had 582 requests,
Chasing Mavericks had 355 requests,
WWE Royal Rumble 2013 had 87 requests,
The Loneliest Planet had 47 requests,
Phineas and Ferb - Animal Agents had 45 requests,
Law & Order - the 12th year had 39 requests,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Rise of the Turtles had 39 requests,
The Eye of the Storm had 36 requests,
Cesar Millan - The Real Story had 23 requests,
Escape Fire: the fight to rescue American healthcare had 17 requests,
Sons of Guns - Season 2 had 14 requests,
The Reagan Presidency had 10 requests, and
Abismo de Pasion had 4 requests.

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