Monday, February 11, 2013

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 19 February 2013:

On November 4, 1979, Iranian militants stormed the American embassy in Tehran and captured dozens of American hostages, sparking a 444-day ordeal. There's a little-known footnote to the crisis: six Americans escaped and a midlevel agent named Antonio Mendez devised an ingenious yet incredibly risky plan to rescue them.
Atlas Shrugged - Part II
The global economy is on the brink of collapse. Brilliant creators, from artists to industrialists, continue to mysteriously disappear. Dagny Taggart, Vice President in Charge of Operations for Taggart Transcontinental, has discovered what may very well be the answer to a mounting energy crisis, a revolutionary motor that could seemingly power the World. It's a race against the clock to find the inventor before the motor of the World is stopped for good.
Big Cats - Secret Lives
John Varty has spent the past 30 years turning his passion for nature into a series of relationships with some of the most dangerous big cats in the world, living with them in the wild on their home turf. Featured are stories of some of his most intimate relationships with these big cats. Includes profiles of: a wild mother leopard, two abandoned lion cubs, and two adopted leopard cubs. Also includes Varty's story of teaching two captive-bred tiger cubs how to survive in the African wild.
End of Watch
Two young officers are marked for death after confiscating a small cache of money and firearms from the members of a notorious cartel during a routine traffic stop.
For a Good Time, Call
Overachiever Lauren is suddenly on her own after her boyfriend breaks up with her. Free-spirited Katie is about to lose a dream apartment unless she can find a roommate. After they move in, Lauren discovers that Katie is working as a phone-sex operator and decides to get in on it. As their partnership starts bringing in the money, their newfound friendship finds unexpected challenges that may leave them both hanging on the line.
Future Flight Collection
Features profiles of some of the most cutting edge aircraft destined to shape the skies of tomorrow.
Game of Thrones - Complete Second Season
From the scheming south and the savage eastern lands, to the frozen north and the ancient wall that protects the realm from the mysterious darkness beyond, the powerful families of the Seven Kingdoms are locked in a battle for the Iron Throne.
The Garfield Show - The Spring Fun Collection
Features Garfield and his friends as they have fun in a collection of spring-themed episodes.
Henry Ford
Henry Ford paints a fascinating portrait of a farm boy who rose from obscurity to become the most influential American innovator of the 20th century. Ford's Model T automobile and his five-dollar-a-day wage ushered in the modern world, earning Ford reverence from millions of Americans. Yet many of the changes he wrought deeply troubled the carmaker. In frustration, he lashed out at enemies, real and imagined.
Monsters, Inc.
Lovable Sulley and his wisecracking sidekick Mike Wazowski are the top scare team at Monsters, Inc., the scream-producing factory in Monstropolis. When a little girl named Boo wanders into their world, it's the monsters who are scared silly, and it's up to Sulley and Mike to keep her out of sight and get her back home.
Ten years ago, true crime writer Ellison Oswald made his reputation with a best-selling account of a notorious murder. Now, desperate to replicate success of his first book, he moves his family into a home where the previous occupants were brutally executed and a child disappeared, hoping to find inspiration in the crime scene. In the home, Ellison discovers a cache of terrifying home movies, unwittingly opening the door into a nightmarish mystery.
Swamp People - Season 3
With Delta waters and gator prices higher than ever, Troy Landry, Clint, RJ and Jay Paul, Junior Edwards, his son Willy and many others stalk the Atchafalaya Swamp hunting for the biggest, baddest beasts around. Monster alpha male gators are in their crosshairs as they battle everything from sweltering heat to outsiders setting lines, and tornado-force storms that threaten to shut down gator season altogether.
UFC 154
A Welterweight Championship between Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit is on line in UFC 154 when two of the biggest names in the sport duke it out in what is sure to be an explosive match. Also, Chad Griggs drops down 205 pounds to tangle with Cyrille Diabate.
Ultimate Mars Challenge
Mars Curiosity. It could be NASA's last chance to set wheels down on Mars until the end of the decade: last August, a rover named Curiosity touched down inside Mars's Gale Crater, carrying 10 new instruments that will advance the quest for signs that Mars might have once been suitable for life. But Curiosity's mission is risky. After parachuting through the Martian atmosphere at twice the speed of sound, Curiosity will be gently lowered to the planet's surface by a 'sky crane.'
No hope. No future. Until a football season united a team and revealed the character that turned them into heroes. Undefeated is the inspiring and moving tale of three underprivileged student-athletes from inner-city Memphis and the volunteer coach, Bill Courtney, trying to help them beat the odds on and off the field.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is The perks of being a wallflower with 672 requests.

Robot & Frank had 555 requests,
The Sessions had 448 requests,
Weeds Season 8 had 277 requests,
Nurse Jackie - Season 4 had 169 requests,
Bully had 159 requests,
Fairfield Road had 63 requests,
Gossip Girl - Complete 6th and final season had 62 requests,
Jedi Junkies had 60 requests,
WWE - The very best of WCW Monday Nitro, Volume 2 had 30 requests,
Doctor Who: the reign of terror had 20 requests,
Bruce Springsteen - On the Record had 15 requests,
Fearless Planet - Great Barrier Reef had 9 requests, and
John Portman: A life of building had 3 requests.

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