Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 29 January 2013:

33 great cities of Europe
Travel with acclaimed filmmaker Marlin Darrah, as he visits Europe's most beloved cities and regions. Darrah captures the cultures, histories, and architectures of the world's most traveled continent.
Best of Raw & Smackdown 2012
For the WWE Universe, there are 5 hours of appointment television every week, as Raw on Monday nights and SmackDown on Friday nights continue to offer the most shocking, surprising, athletic, humorous, and dramatic moments on ongoing television.
The Cold Light of Day
Will Shaw arrives in Spain for a weeklong sailing vacation with his family. The situation takes an unexpected turn when his family is kidnapped and Will gets tangled in an intergovernmental web of lies and secrets, with a briefcase in the center of the mystery. Will finds himself on the run and realizes that he must recover the briefcase and take down secret agents in order to get his family back alive.
Downton Abbey Season 3
The War is over and a long-awaited engagement is on, but all is not tranquil at Downton Abbey as wrenching social changes, romantic intrigues, and personal crises grip the majestic English country estate for a third thrilling season. In the wake of World War I, Robert, Earl of Grantham, sticks to his duty to maintain Downton more firmly than ever.
Hello I must be going
Amy is a recent divorcee who seeks refuge in the suburban Connecticut home of her parents. Demoralized and directionless, Amy begins an affair with 19 year old actor Jeremy that reignites her passion for life and jumpstarts her independence.
Here's the Kicker
Ex-NFL Kicker Simon Matthews and his soon-to-be fiancee Brittany are fed up with their jobs and ready to ditch Los Angeles for good. So they load up their truck and head to Brittany's home town of Victory, Texas to open a salon-saloon (half beauty parlor, half sports bar). Everything goes swimmingly, until Simon, in the midst of their cross-country trek, gets offered his dream job as a college football scout back in Southern California.
Hotel Transylvania
The Hotel Transylvania, run by Dracula, is a unique, high-end resort catering only to the finest monsters and their families. Dracula is preparing for an extra special weekend - his daughter Mavis's 118th birthday - when trouble arises: a human has stumbled upon the resort for the first time ever! Even worse: the human has taken a liking to Mavis!
Las Dos Caras de Ana
Ana is a loving daughter and sister who endures a family tragedy only to come out seeking revenge on the man who killed her brother and caused so much pain to her family. Ana takes on two faces as she seeks to ultimate demise of her enemy without the knowledge of her family. Ana has it all planned until love gets in the way. Will Ana's love interest finally bring her peace, or will she use it to her advantage?
Misfits - Season Two
Fuelled with its usual irreverent humor, the second season of Misfits has an array of new characters crashing into the Misfits' world, and is even bigger, bolder and brasher than the last. The second series kicks off where the first ended, with Alisha, Simon, Nathan, Kelly and Curtis still on community service and still trying to adapt to their new lives.
More than a month
Shukree Hassan Tilghman, a young African-American filmmaker, sets out on a cross-country campaign to end Black History Month. Through this thoughtful and humorous journey, he explores what the treatment of history tells us about race and equality in a 'post-racial' America.
Paranormal Activity 4
When Katie disappeared with her nephew Hunter, there were no survivors. Five years later she's returned with a mysterious boy, ready to target new victims with her demonic rage. Now, a family's young daughter will capture every one of the terrifying occurrences, beginning with her new neighbors' arrival.
Seven Psychopaths
Marty is a struggling screenwriter who wants nothing more than to finish his script. Instead, he becomes entangled with the Los Angeles gangster underworld when his odd, but well-meaning friends kidnap a volatile gangster's shih tzu. The ordeal gives Marty all the inspiration he needs; now, he must live long enough to finish his story.
The Mighty Mississippi with Trevor McDonald
Sir Trevor McDonald takes an unforgettable adventure along the historic and epic Mississippi River. Starting at the Gulf of Mexico, Sir Trevor's journey leads him to encounter a dazzling array of characters and stunning locations. At 2,320 miles long, the Mississippi River, often referred to as 'Ole Miss,' represents the heart of America. It's the prism through which the story of America's past and present can be told.
The Suicide Plan
You have an incurable illness, you want to die, and you want help dying, what can you do? People who are terminally ill and live in Oregon or Washington can openly ask a doctor for help, but in the rest of country, where physician-assisted suicide is illegal, people who are suffering turn in secret to friends, family members, and even activist organizations.
Walt Disney Concert Hall Organ
This is the story of the design and construction of the pipe organ in the Walt Disney Concert Hall, skillfully told through narration, photography, and the beautiful interweaving of performances by ten different organists.
Yoga Para la Salud - Depresion y Gastro Intestinales
The enhanced and revised edition includes yoga to combat Depression and another program for Gastro Intestinal ailments, each perfomed in accordance with the ancient oriental tradition and tailored to each individuals pace and desired level of intensity.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is The men who built America with 88 requests.

Pokemon Black and White Set 2 had 60 requests,
The Abolitionists had 38 requests,
Tai Chi Zero had 37 requests,
Pina had 28 requests,
Beauty is Embarrassing - The Wayne White Story had 8 requests, and
Finding Bigfoot had 8 requests.

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