Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 7 February 2012:

Was Shakespeare a fraud? Who really wrote about cloak-and-dagger political intrigue, illicit romances in the Royal Court, and the schemes of greedy nobles hungry for the power of the throne? Set against the backdrop of the succession of Queen Elizabeth I, and the Essex Rebellion against her, intrigue and suspense advance the theory that it was really Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford who penned Shakespeare's plays.

Billy the Kid
A fascinating look at the myth and the man behind it, who, in just a few short years, transformed himself from a skinny orphan boy to the most feared man in the west and an enduring western icon.

Downton Abbey
Season two returns as the Great War rages across Europe, and not even the serene Yorkshire countryside is free from its effects. The men and women of Downton are doing their part both on the front lines and the home front, but the intensity of war only serves to inflame the more familiar passions of love, loss, blackmail, and betrayal.

Far from the madding crowd
Uncertain of her future but unwilling to sacrifice her freedom, Bathsheba rejects the proposal of Gabriel Oak only to become his employer. Still in love, Gabriel can only watch as Bathsheba flirts with her neighbor, Mr. Boldwood unleashing a passionate obsession within the reserved Boldwood. Both men forsake their hearts, however, upon the arrival of the dashing soldier Frank Troy. Despite being in love with another woman himself, Troy sees a challenge in Bathsheba and sets out to win her.

Geek Charming
When Dylan Schoenfield, Woodlands Academy's top girl, accidentally drops her expensive 'it' handbag into the mall fountain, she is surprised that film geek Josh Rosen retrieves it for her. In exchange for rescuing her bag, Dylan must agree to be the subject of Josh's documentary film. Dylan hopes the film will help her campaign for Blossom Queen; she claims that winning is her only life goal.

Lost Gold of the Dark Ages
With exclusive access to one of the most important discoveries of modern times, National Geographic uncovers the secrets of the largest hoard of Saxon Gold ever found. Lost Gold of the Dark Ages chronicles the story of an amateur metal-detecting enthusiast who discovered a gold hoard dating back a millennium and valued at over $5 million. Also includes Secrets of the Lost Gold: a fascinating quest to reveal the hidden secrets of the 3,500 piece treasure hoard.

Clemente is a moneylender and man of few words. Sofia is his new single neighbor. She is devoted to the October worship of Our Lord of the Miracles and hopes that Clemente may be the one for her. The two are brought together over Clemente's newborn baby, whose mother is a prostitute and nowhere to be found. While Clemente looks for her, Sofia cares for the baby. With these two new people in his life, Clemente has the opportunity to reconsider his emotional relations with people.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Release February 11
In the highly anticipated fourth installment of the Twilight Saga, a marriage, a honeymoon, and the birth of a child bring unforeseen and shocking developments for Bella and Edward and those they love, including new complications with young werewolf Jacob Black.

Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is Drive with 755 requests.

In Time had 694 requests,
Contagion had 664 requests,
The Dream House had 538 requests,
The Thing had 477 requests,
The Big Year had 428 requests,
Texas Killing Fields had 181 requests,
Janie Jones had 56 requests,
WWE Raw & Smackdown: The Best of 2011 had 50 requests,
Lost Fleet of Columbus had 28 requests,
The Hammer had 23 requests,
3D Spies of WWII - Destroying Hitler's.... had 14 requests, and
Bombing Hitler's Dams had 12 requests.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend Update

What's happening at your library next week?

Here's the schedule for events for grownups, for the week of Saturday 28 January 2012through Friday 3 February 2012:
(Click on the link for times, and more information)

Saturday 1/28/2012:
Summerlin Library: Summerlin Library Scrapbooking Club
Las Vegas Library: Community and Employment Resource Fair for Ex-Felons
Clark County Library: Film - Kung Fu Panda 2
Windmill Library: Radon Awareness
West Charleston Library: Healing your emotional DNA with Carolyn Cooper
Clark County Library: Year of the Dragon Blood Drive
Sunrise Library: Blood Drive
Centennial Hills Library: Princeton Review: Practice ACT Test

Sunday 1/29/2012:
West Charleston Library: Caring for a loved one with memory loss
Sahara West Library: Guitar Basics 101

Monday 1/30/2012:
No Events Listed

Tuesday 1/31/2012:
Clark County Library: Tuesday Afternoon at the Bijou: Edward G. Robinson -Prohibition, Gangsters & G-Men - The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
Clark County Library: Mob Month: From Medellin to the Mob: Meet Ronin of the Underworld, Kenny "Kenji" Gallo

Wednesday 2/1/2012:
Las Vegas Library: What's All That Jazz About?
Spring Valley Library: AARP Tax Assistance
Summerlin Library: The Writer's Workshop
Spring Valley Library: AARP Tax Assistance

Thursday 2/2/2012:
West Charleston Library: Poetry Out Loud
Clark County Library: AARP Tax Assistance
Laughlin Library: AARP Tax Assistance

Friday 2/3/2012:
West Las Vegas Library: Play: Shotgun
Laughlin Library: Wii Bowling for Adults
Centennial Hills Library: Winterfest Book Sale
Windmill Library: eBook Downloading 101
Las Vegas Library: Job Search Help Session
Enterprise Library: AARP Tax Assistance

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 31 January 2012:

3D Spies of WWII - Destroying Hitler's....

During World War II, Hitler's scientists developed terrifying new weapons of mass destruction. Allied intelligence pored over millions of air photos shot over German territory by specially converted, high-flying Spitfires. With 3D graphics that recreate exactly what the photo spies saw, NOVA tells the suspenseful, previously untold story of air photo intelligence that played a vital role in defeating Hitler.

The Big Year

Looking to shake up their routine lives, three amateur bird watchers compete to become the ultimate 'birder' by spotting the greatest number of species within a single calendar year. But the friendly rivalry soon turns into a hilariously complicated cross-country adventure as each man begins to realize that the quest for success comes at a price, and that's not chicken feed!

Bombing Hitler's Dams

In 1943 a squadron of Lancaster bombers staged one of the most audacious raids in history, destroying two gigantic dams in Germany's industrial heartland with a revolutionary bouncing bomb invented by British engineer Barnes Wallis. Now, NOVA re-creates the extreme engineering challenges faced by Wallis and the pilots.


A thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak.

The Dream House

Will Atenton quit a high-profile job in Manhattan to relocate his wife, Libby, and their two daughters to a quaint New England town. But as they settle into their new life, they discover their perfect home was once the murder scene of a mother and her children. When Will investigates, he's not sure if he's seeing ghosts or if the tragic events are somehow related to his past. The only clues come from his mysterious neighbor


Driver is a Hollywood stunt driver by day, and moonlights as a top-notch getaway driver for hire in the criminal underworld. He finds himself a target for some of LA's most dangerous men after agreeing to aid the husband of his beautiful neighbor, Irene. When the job goes dangerously awry, the only way he can keep Irene and her son alive is to do what he does best, Drive!

The Hammer

Inspired by the life of deaf UFC fighter Matt Hamill, The Hammer tells the story of what it takes to be a champion, on and off the mat. Raised among those with the ability to hear, Matt later finds himself no less an outsider among the deaf community. But through sheer determination, he uses his 'perceived' disability as an asset, and becomes not only the first deaf wrestler to win a National Collegiate Championship, but an inspirational force to both hearing and deaf alike.

In Time

In a future where people stop aging at 25, but are engineered to live only one more year, having the means to buy your way out of the situation is a shot at immortal youth. Here, Will Salas finds himself accused of murder and on the run with a hostage, a connection that becomes an important part of the way against the system.

Janie Jones

Ethan, a struggling rock musician content with his on-the-road party lifestyle, has his life turned upside down by the arrival of a thirteen-year-old daughter he never knew he had. Left with the responsibility for raising Janie Jones, a shy but talented aspiring musician herself, Ethan takes Janie on a road trip of music, discovery, and father-daughter bonding.

Lost Fleet of Columbus

In 1494, Christopher Columbus made a second journey to the Americas with more ships, more men, and a grander mission. His goal: to build the first European colony in the New World. But in just a few short years, his settlement would perish: one-fifth of its inhabitants dead, at least six ships sunk in the bay, and the legacy of Columbus permanently marred. What happened at the ill-fated settlement remains a mystery 500 years later.

Texas Killing Fields

Inspired by true events, this tense and haunting thriller follows Detective Souder, a homicide detective in a small Texan town, and his partner, transplanted New York City cop Detective Heigh, as they track a sadistic serial killer dumping his victims' mutilated bodies in a nearby marsh locals call 'The Killing Fields.' Despite his partner's warnings, Detective Heigh sets out to investigate the crimes.

The Thing

When paleontologist Kate Lloyd travels to an isolated outpost in Antarctica for the expedition of a lifetime, she joins an international team that unearths a remarkable discovery. Their elation quickly turns to fear as they realize that their experiment has freed a mysterious being from its frozen prison. Paranoia spreads like an epidemic as a creature that can mimic anything it touches will pit human against human as it tries to survive and flourish in this spine-tingling thriller.

WWE Raw & Smackdown: The Best of 2011

For the WWE Universe, there are 4 hours of appointment television every week, as Raw on Monday nights and SmackDown on Friday nights continue to offer the most shocking, surprising, athletic, funny, and dramatic moments on television. Now for the first time ever, the best of Raw and SmackDown are offered in one release: Raw and SmackDown: The Best of 2011. The 4-disc DVD release includes more than 11 hours of the best of Raw and SmackDown.

Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is Real Steel with 874 requests.

Final Destination 5 had 602 requests,
50/50 had 592 requests,
The Whistleblower had 362 requests,
Hell and Back Again had 86 requests,
Ancient Aliens - Complete season 3 had 55 requests,
The Woman had 34 requests, and
Custer's Last Stand had 11 requests.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend Update

What's happening at your library next week?

Here's the schedule for events for grownups, for the week of Saturday 21 January 2012 through Friday 27 January 2012:
(Click on the link for times, and more information)

Saturday 1/21/2012:
Clark County Library: United States Air Force's Band of the Golden West Winds
Mesquite Library: A Family Legacy Writing Workshop
Sahara West Library: Princeton Review: Practice SAT Test

Sunday 1/22/2012:
Sahara West Library: Guitar Basics 101
West Las Vegas Library: Blacks in Hollywood and Film 2012: Film Series
Clark County Library: UNLV Jazz Concert Series: Jazz Ensemble I (Bonus Concert)
Sahara West Library: Princeton Review: Practice ACT Test
West Charleston Library: Claim Your Dreams: Vision Board Workshop
Sunrise Library: Film: The Help

Monday 1/23/2012:
Sahara West Library: Longevitology: Energy Healing
Windmill Library: eBook Downloading

Tuesday 1/24/2012:
Clark County Library: Tuesday Afternoon at the Bijou: Edward G. Robinson -Prohibition, Gangsters & G-Men - A Slight Case of Murder
Clark County Library: Mob Month: UBATZ Documentary Screening with Salvatore "Ubatz" Polisi and Henry Hill
Summerlin Library: How to download eBooks to your eBook Reader

Wednesday 1/25/2012:
Summerlin Library: Lunchtime Family Movie Matinee Series

Thursday 1/26/2012:
Rainbow Library: SCORE: Business Startup Basics

Friday 1/27/2012:
Las Vegas Library: Job Search Help Session

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 24 January 2012:


Inspired by personal experiences, an original story about friendship, love, survival, and finding humor in unlikely places. Two best friends' lives change when one of them is diagnosed with cancer.

Ancient Aliens - Complete season 3

Continues to examine 75 million years of the most credible alien evidence here on Earth. Season Three explores new directions, including sightings and phenomena from ancient times to the present. From the age of dinosaurs to ancient Egypt, from early cave drawings to continued mass sightings in the U.S., each episode gives historic depth to the questions, speculations, controversies, firsthand accounts, and grounded theories surrounding an age-old debate.

Custer's Last Stand

Like everything else about General George Custer, his martyrdom was shrouded in controversy and contradictions. The final act of his larger-than-life career played out on a grand stage with a spellbound public engrossed in the drama. In the end, his death would launch one of the greatest myths in American history. Part of the Wild West collection.

Final Destination 5

Survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn there's no way you can cheat Death

Hell and Back Again

From his embed with US Marines Echo Company in Afghanistan, photojournalist and filmmaker Danfung Dennis reveals the devastating impact a Taliban machine-gun bullet has on the life of 25-year-old Sergeant Nathan Harris. The film seamlessly transitions from stunning war reportage to an intimate portrait of one man's personal struggle at home in North Carolina, where Harris confronts the physical and emotional difficulties of re-adjusting to civilian life with the love and support of his wife.

Real Steel

Charlie Kenton is a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max to build and train a championship contender.

The Whistleblower

When Nebraska cop Kathryn Bolkovac accepts a U.N. peacekeeper position in postwar Bosnia, she discovers a deadly sex trafficking ring. Risking her own life to save the lives of others, she uncovers an international conspiracy that is determined to stop her, no matter the cost. With masterful acting and a heart-racing plot, an acclaimed film inspired by actual events.

The Woman

A disturbing tale of torture and dirty little secrets that can haunt any seemingly harmless neighborhood. The story follows a successful country lawyer who captures and attempts to civilize the last remaining member of a violent clan that has roamed the Northeast in the wild for decades, thereby putting the lives of his family in extreme jeopardy.

Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is Ides of March with 711 requests.

Abduction had 618 requests,
Dolphin Tale had 400 requests,
Courageous had 347 requests,
Merlin - the complete 3rd season had 54 requests,
WWE TLC - Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2011 had 48 requests,
Storm Chasers Greatest Storms had 35 requests, and
Mysteries of Lisbon had 29 requests.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend Update

What's happening at your library next week?

Here's the schedule for events for grownups, for the week of Saturday 14 January 2012 through Friday 20 January 2012:
(Click on the link for times, and more information)

Saturday 1/14/2012:
West Las Vegas Library: Author's Speakeasy: Toni T. Ellis
Clark County Library: Radon Awareness
Clark County Library: Film - The Help
Spring Valley Library: Blood Drive
Summerlin Library: Blood Drive
Summerlin Library: Readers and Writers Corner: Memoirs and Journaling
Centennial Hills Library: A Family Legacy Writing Workshop

Sunday 1/15/2012:
West Las Vegas Library: Peace Week 2012 - Living The Dream
Sahara West Library: Guitar Basics 101
Clark County Library: Nevada Chamber Symphony's "Name That Tune!"
Sahara West Library: Exploring your family's history - Genealogy
West Charleston Library: Empowering your passions

Monday 1/16/2012:
All Libraries CLOSED to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday 1/17/2012:
Clark County Library: Tuesday Afternoon at the Bijou: Edward G. Robinson- Prohibition, Gangsters & G-Men - Bullets or Ballots
Clark County Library: Mob Month: How to Diss your hitman Dad, and keep friends
Sahara West Library: SCORE: Funding your Business

Wednesday 1/18/2012:
Clark CountyLibrary: Munch and Mingle for Non Profits
Laughlin Library: French Polynesia / South Pacific: a Laughlin Library Travel Series Lecture
Summerlin Library: The Writer's Workshop
Windmill Library: eBook Downloading 101

Thursday 1/19/2012:
Clark County Library: Non-Profit Survival Skills: Non-Profit's Guide to Financial Statements
Summerlin Library: Summerlin Library Health and Wellness Series: Back Pain

Friday 1/20/2012:
No Events Listed

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Large Print New Arrivals

New Arrivals, Large Print

You turn 40, and suddenly restaurants start printing menus in tiny print... Even if you break down and buy some reading glasses, paperback books are printed way too small!

Sometimes, a Large Print book is the solution. (And, I've discovered, they're GREAT for reading on camping trips, with low light!)

Your library gets new Large Print books every month. Here are the new arrivals from last month. Now, if we could just do something about the way everyone has started mumbling...

Large Print Family & Relationships

Large Print Christian Fiction

Large Print Nonfiction

Large Print Other times, Other places

Large Print Lighthearted Mysteries

Large Print Mysteries & Thrillers

Large Print Romance

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 17 January 2012:

Taylor Lautner explodes on-screen as a young man whose secret past is set to collide with a dangerous reality. After uncovering a deadly lie, Nathan is propelled on a lethal, no-holds-barred mission to learn the truth. Aided by a devoted family friend, Nathan's hunt for the facts pits him against ruthless assassins and questionable allies.

When a tragedy strikes close to home, four police officers struggle with their faith and their roles as husbands and fathers. Together they make a decision that will change all of their lives.

Dolphin Tale
Inspired by the amazing true story of a brave dolphin and the compassionate strangers who banded together to save her life. Swimming free, a young dolphin is caught in a crab trap, severely damaging her tail. She is rescued and transported to the Clearwater Marine Hospital, where she is named Winter. But her fight for survival has just begun. Without a tail, Winter's prognosis is dire.
Ides of March
During the frantic last days before a heavily contested Ohio presidential primary, an up-and-coming campaign press secretary finds himself involved in a political scandal that threatens to upend his candidate's shot at the presidency.

Merlin - the complete 3rd season
Merlin is back with even more magic, adventure, and romance as the young wizard struggles to protect Prince Arthur in the perilous world of Camelot. While battling deadly assassins, mystical monsters, and the most powerful sorcerers Camelot has ever seen, Merlin must work harder than ever to conceal his unique abilities while King Uther redoubles his war against magic.

Mysteries of Lisbon
Raul Ruiz's masterful adaptation of the eponymous nineteenth century Portuguese novel. The core story centers on Joao, the child of an ill-fated romance between two members of the aristocracy who are forbidden to marry, and his quest to discover the truth of his parentage. But this is just the start of an engrossing tale that follows a multitude of characters whose fates conjoin, separate, and then rejoin again over three decades in Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy.

Storm Chasers Greatest Storms
This special event features the all-time most intense chases in Storm Chasers history. Extreme chasers Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor, IMAX Filmmaker Sean Casey, and renowned meteorologist Dr. Josh Wurman describe their most dangerous and exciting moments ever, including getting up close to tornados, harrowing night intercepts, baseball-sized hail, lightning, flying debris, accidents and downright devastation.

WWE TLC - Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2011
Carnage reigns supreme at WWE TLC! It's̀ a pay-per-view event that legalizes the use of Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. This night has already become a highlight of the WWE calendar, so the pressure will be on the Superstars of Raw and SmackDown to up the ante at 2011s̀ production of WWE TLC.

Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is Moneyball with 870 requests.

Killer Elite had 630 requests,
What's your number? had 371 requests,
Boardwalk Empire - Complete First Season had 338 requests,
A Bronx Tale had 121 requests,
There be dragons had 69 requests,
Saving Private Perez had 47 requests,
Frozen World - The story of the Ice Age had 39 requests,
Essential Killing had 36 requests,
King Arthur and Medieval Britain had 24 requests,
National Geographic Classics: Human Body had 21 requests,
A mile in his shoes had 15 requests, and
Deadliest Volcanoes had 12 requests.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend Update

What's happening at your library next week?

Here's the schedule for events for grownups, for the week of Saturday 7 January 2012 through Friday 13 January 2012:
(Click on the link for times, and more information)

Saturday 1/7/2012:
West Las Vegas Library: Civil Rights Film Fest
Sahara West Library: 2DegreesF Live in Concert - CANCELLED
Laughlin Library: 25th Anniversary Celebration
Rainbow Library: Post It War! (For Teens!)
Spring Valley Library: Scrapbooking
Summerlin Library: Moms Saving Money Seminar Series
Centennial Hills Library: Princeton Review Practice SAT Test

Sunday 1/8/2012:
West Charleston Library: Nutrition and Vitamins with Dr. Tikva Butler
Sahara West Library: Guitar Basics 101
West Charleston Library: Las Vegas Scrapbooking Club
Centennial HillsLibrary: Maxwell Drake Writing Workshop

Monday 1/9/2012:
Sahara West Library: Longevitology
Summerlin Library: A Monday Moment in Time Film Series

Tuesday 1/10/2012:
Clark County Library: Tuesday Afternoon at the Bijou: Edward G. Robinson — Prohibition, Gangsters & G-Men - The Little Giant
Clark County Library: Mob Month: How the FBI, Nevada Gaming Control, and the IRS took down The Mob
West Charleston Library: Adult Diabetes Education and Management Support Group
West Charleston Library: Princeton Review: Financial Aid
Windmill Library: eBook Downloading
Laughlin Library: Card Craft with Mindy

Wednesday 1/11/2012:
Summerlin Library: Lunchtime Family Movie Matinee Series
Clark County Library: UNLV Jazz Concert Series: Jazz Combos
Centennial Hills Library: Maxwell Drake Writing Workshop

Thursday 1/12/2012:
West Las Vegas Library: Living the Dream: Rebuilding a 30 Year Pilgrimage - Our Nation Reaches the Mountaintop

Friday 1/13/2012:
Las Vegas Library: Job Search Help Session

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 10 January 2012:

Boardwalk Empire - Complete First Season
A lavish period drama set in Atlantic City, following the life and times of Nucky Thompson - the undisputed political and criminal mastermind whose grip on power and control of the city's liquor supply is under constant threat.

A Bronx Tale
A devoted father battles a local crime boss for the life of his son. Growing up on the racially divided mean streets of 1960s New York, 11-year-old Italian-American Calogero, known as 'C,' idolizes sophisticated local mob boss Sonny, despite stern warnings from his working-class father. When 'C' gets older and defies his dad in order to join Sonny's dangerous gang, he finds that life is never black and white.

Deadliest Volcanoes
Millions of people around the world live in the shadow of active volcanoes. From Japan's Mount Fuji to the 'Sleeping Giant' submerged beneath Naples to the Yellowstone 'Supervolcano' in the United States, NOVA travels with scientists who are attempting to discover how likely these volcanoes are to erupt, when it might happen, and exactly how deadly they could prove to be.

Essential Killing
Captured by the U.S. military in Afghanistan, Mohammed is transported to a secret detention center somewhere in Europe. When the vehicle he is riding in crashes, he finds himself suddenly free and on the run in a snow-blanketed forest, a world away from the desert home he knew. Relentlessly pursued by an army that does not officially exist, Mohammed is faced with the necessity to kill in order to survive.

Frozen World - The story of the Ice Age
Travel back through history, over 27,000 years into the past, when Arctic glaciers reached as far south as London and people faced a daily struggle not just to survive as individuals, families or groups, but to avoid the ultimate extinction of the species. A key moment in the course of history saw the two branches of humankind, the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons, face off against the backdrop of perilous cold, harsh conditions, and massive predators.

Killer Elite
When two of the world's most elite operatives, Danny, a retired contract killer, and Hunter, his longtime mentor, go up against the cunning leader of a secret military society, their hunt takes them around the globe from Australia to Paris, London, and the Middle East. As the stakes rise along with the body count, Danny and Hunter are soon plunged into an action-packed game of cat and mouse where no one is what they seem.

King Arthur and Medieval Britain
For centuries, the adventures of King Arthur and his fabled court of heroes, the Knights of the Round Table, have dominated the imagination of the western world. This special collection presents five original specials that will help separate fact from fiction. Quest for King Arthur; King Arthur: His Life and Legends; Ancient Mysteries: Camelot; Knights and Armor; Ancient Mysteries: Quest For The Holy Grail.

A mile in his shoes
Mickey Tussler, an autistic pitcher, joins a minor league baseball team and has a profound effect on the team and manager Arthur 'Murph' Murphy over the course of a season.

The story of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to draft his players.

National Geographic Classics: Human Body
With stunning footage and cutting-edge technology, National Geographic explores the human body from the inside out as never before.Four classic programs look at how the incredible human machine works, from the miraculous in-utero development of a fetus to the mechanics of a beating heart, and from the formation of skin to the amazing way complicated systems work together for sensing, adapting, reproducing, regenerating, and thinking.

Saving Private Perez
Julian Perez, Mexico's most powerful man, must embark on a mission given to him by the only authority he respects: his mother. Joined by a colorful band of unlikely heroes, Julian must risk his life to fulfill his mother's wish and rescue his brother from the war-ridden prison of the most treacherous land in the world, Iraq.

There be dragons
When journalist Robert Torres is assigned to write a book about Josemaria Escriva, the controversial founder of Opus Dei, he hopes it will bring him closer to his father, Escriva's childhood friend. As Torres uncovers more about his father's past, he learns dark secrets that will change his world forever.

What's your number?
The outrageously funny comedy that asks: can nineteen wrongs make Mr. Right? When Ally Darling reads an article that leads her to believe she's going to be alone forever, she begins a wild search to find the best 'ex' of her life. But Ally's quest to reconnect with her former lovers goes hilariously awry, from a puppeteer who's more wooden than his puppet to a gynecologist with a 'spotty' memory. Through it all, Ally might just find the man of her dreams in the last place she ever expected.

Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is The Hangover Part II with 1103 requests.

I don't know how she does it had 558 requests,
Don't be afraid of the dark had 282 requests,
Shark Night had 264 requests,
The Guard had 257 requests,
Justified - Season 2 had 138 requests,
Puncture had 83 requests, and
The Last Lions had 24 requests.