Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Dove Project - Modern Dance for Young People

When I was a younger lizard, I really wanted to be a dancer. That lasted for one lesson. Who knew my tail would become a lethal weapon??!! The teacher invited me to leave. (Don't ask about the time I tried figure skating. It wasn't pretty, but the hockey coach got a decided gleam in his eye.)

Ulysses Dove correographed some amazing modern dance. We're super lucky to have a performance of parts of his dance, Vespers, coming up.

It'll be at the West Las Vegas Library, on Thursday 11/3, at 1 pm.

The presentation is oriented toward young people, but if you're interested in dance, go anyway! The Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater will be performing an excerpt from the the dance.

And Alfred Dove (Ulysses' brother) will actually be there, to answer questions!

If you're a dancer, or love dance, *Don't* miss this opportunity!

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