Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flash! The Short, Short Fiction Contest

Have you heard of Flash Fiction? Or Flash Short Stories?

The Vegas Valley Book Festival is sponsoring a Flash Short (VERY SHORT!) Story Contest this Saturday, September 10th, from 2:30 - 5:30, at the Clark County Library.

This is the second year for the contest. 20 writers have enrolled. On Saturday they'll get the topic, and 90 minutes only, to write a 500 word (max) story.

The winners get cash prizes, and their stories will be published in Las Vegas CityLife Magazine. AND, they get to do a reading at the Book Festival on November 5th!

Flash Fiction is a a relatively new form of writing. It was spawned by the Internet's need for quick, accessible reads.

Folks who enter these types of contests are writers who appreciate a challenge, and who really want to test themselves.

The four local judges are literary professionals - writers, editors, and reviewers. They'll get the completed stories. Just like an old Blue Book test, the entries will be anonymous.

And, just like a Blue Book test, some of the writers will finish early, and be relaxed. Others will howl in frustration when time is called.

Come on out to the Clark County Library this Saturday, and cheer on the contestants!

You can learn more about Flash Fiction at Flash Fiction Online, and at Fiction Factor.

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