Friday, September 30, 2011


What I want to know is HOW did I miss this? When Claire sent me the pictures, I was all, like, I want to do that too!

Claire, Patricia and Donovan made Brushbots (or BristleBots) out at the Centennial Hills Library. Basically, you chop the end off a toothbrush, add a small vibrating motor, and a battery. When you connect it all together, the Bot scoots all over, in unexpected directions!

Of course, there's more - but the best part is designing your bot. Starting with the toothbrush bristles, you can really bling up the little guy!

Claire promises me they'll be doing this program again! (Woo Hoo!)

And, at the end of November, Ginger is going to be doing a great self-portrait program. I can't draw to save my life, so I'm kind of afraid to see what I'll produce, but it sounds like fun!

Here's a "How To..." video for Brushbots:

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