Monday, November 1, 2010

Book Review: The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid
Rick Riordan
Juvenile Fiction (Ages 9-13) - Action/Adventure

Meet Carter and Sadie Cane. They are siblings who barely know each other. Sadie lives in England with her grandparents while Carter travels around the world with his father, a brilliant Egyptologist. On Christmas Eve, Carter and Sadie are reunited and learn that they share an incredible link. When their father disappears under mysterious circumstances, Carter and Sadie join together for an amazing adventure to save their family and defeat an evil Egyptian god who threatens to destroy the world.

Carter and Sadie take turns telling the story of their adventure, and Riordan does a good job of creating distinct voices for the two main characters. Good old sibling rivalry and teasing between the two serve to lighten the mood, as do fun characters like Khufu, the basketball playing baboon.

Packed with historical references to Ancient Egypt, The Red Pyramid, is an excellent book for kids interested in history. The story is also full of magic, which will appeal to fantasy lovers. Imagine The Lightning Thief meets Harry Potter. This book is on the long side (over 500 pages), so I wouldn't recommend it to struggling readers. Fans of Riordan's other series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, will love this story, packed with action, heroism, and humor.

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