Friday, October 1, 2010

CD Review: Arturo Sandoval, "A Time for Love"

Arturo Sandoval
A Time for Love

I have never heard such a rich tone before. It helps that Arturo Sandoval plays fluegelhorn on this brand new recording, but still I was impressed! I am a big fan of Chuck Mangione, but I don't think his tone ever sounded quite this pure. The album also includes Chris Botti and Kenny Barron, on one track each.

Arturo confesses in the liner notes that this recording is much different than anything he has done before--a bit of a mid-life crisis. If only all crises were so peaceful. (A former band director of mine had a motto, "There are no crises." Period.)

There is great depth of love in this recording, but it is a melancholy love. This includes what is my favorite track, an arrangement of Gabriel Faure's Pavane for a Dead Princess.

I appreciate Arturo conceding that music doesn't always have to be "higher, faster, louder"--as fun as that is! In our busier, noiser world, I highly recommend this thoughtful, contemplative, absolutely lush set from a Latin Jazz great.

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