Saturday, July 3, 2010

Urban Fiction Authors, July - Various

Title: In Love With a Younger Man
Author: Cheryl Robinson
Genre: Urban Fiction/ Contemporary Fiction

Summer is in full swing, so this is a great time to explore new things. That means reading authors you have never read before or reading a genre that you think may not interest you. You will come across some great reads, so go ahead and take the challenge.

I had never heard of Cheryl Robinson, but while reading E. Lynn Harris’ autobiography, she was listed as one of his favorite authors. This intrigued me, so I decided to read one of her books. I am truly glad I did.

Olena fell in love at an early age, but when her boyfriend commits suicide, she is devastated and no longer trusts men. She goes away to college and meets Andrew. He is loving and patient, so she thinks they can live “happily ever after.” We all know this does not happen. She becomes pregnant and to her surprise, Andrew tells her she needs to abort the twins as he is not ready for a family. Again, she is devastated to find out Andrew has many secrets of his own. Will she forgive Andrew or will she decide to end the relationship?

Now Olena is a forty something woman who is at the top of her game in her career, but of course this has come at a price. Her personal life has suffered. She has no true friends and her love life is nonexistent. She decides to take a one year sabbatical to write the book she has always dreamed of writing and to just “find herself.” However, what she finds in more than she bargained for.

This seems like an easy task until she meets two younger men who are vying for her love. Jason is a very rich ex-football star who any women would love to have to call her own. Olena is not interested in being one of many, so she decides to remain close friends with him. In time, she discovers that Jason will need here in more ways than one. Will she decide to marry him knowing his secrets that can lead to a life of devastation?

Matthew is young, successful and comes with no “baggage.” The one downside is that Matthew is 18 years her junior. She adjusts to the ways in which the younger generation communicates, through texting. She learns this, but is not too excited. She also learns Matthew has many secrets that will be revealed under not so pleasant circumstances. Will she stay and work things out with Matthew, or will she decide that “age really does matter.”

This is a wonderful story of coming to terms with your past and making a new start in life. Olena deserves to be truly happy, but will past circumstances destroy her chances for future happiness? I will let you decide. The only disappointment I had with this book is that you are left with many questions unanswered. Sorry, no sequel has been released yet, so you must wait in agony like me until one is released, hopefully in the near future.

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Guess I'll have to give urban fiction a try! Thx for the info.