Saturday, June 19, 2010

Urban Fiction Author for June – E. Lynn Harris

Title: Any Way the Wind Blows
Author: E. Lynn Harris
Genre: Urban Fiction

In celebration of GLBT Month, we would like to highlight an author who is openly gay or whose characters have an alternative lifestyle. E. Lynn Harris has dominated the urban fiction genre in a representation of both. He talks about being gay in his memoir, What becomes of the brokenhearted : a memoir written in 2003. E. Lynn Harris died in 2009.

Harris was initially unable to land a book deal with a reputable publishing house for his first work, Invisible Life, so he self-published it through a vanity publishing and sold copies from his car trunk. Since then, ten of his novels have achieved New York Times bestseller status. (Retrieved, 4/29/10, Wikipedia)

John Basil, good-looking gadabout from Not a Day Goes By, is back at the top of his game (razzle-dazzling both the women and the men) and hanging out with his new friend, Black Bart. All is well until Basil's picture-perfect life starts to unravel. Is someone out to get the unsinkable John Basil Henderson?

Back in the mix as possible suspects are: the daughter/mother diva duo of Yancey Harrington Braxton, brainy Broadway bombshell and Basil's jilted fiancee, and Ava "Mama Dearest" Braxton, a diva's diva and a second-rate showgirl housed in the body of an aging super-model -- still waiting for her close-up. Is it Yancey or Ava? Or one of E. Lynn Harris's fabulous new creations?

With just the right amount of wickedness, love, and compassion, Harris's masterful storytelling and delicious plot twists will have fans and newcomers alike frantically turning pages trying to find the answer to the ultimate question: Will the wily (and naughtily wonderful) Basil finally be undone?

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