Monday, May 10, 2010

FREE Computer Classes at the Library

Computers skills are a must when you are applying for jobs today. What if you do not have the basic computers skills you need? What can you do to develop those skills? Well the library offers FREE computer classes for all. These classes are held at many of our libraries, so check our website for the libraries and classes offered.

To check for computer classes, follow these simple instructions;1. Go to our homepage,
2. Click on ‘Events and Exhibits”
3. Under “Event Type,” select “Computer Classes”
4. Under “Library Branch,” select the library you want (Do you want to see all the libraries that have this event? If, so, just leave “All” selected)
5. Click search to get a list of classes offered

Here are just a few of the classes we offer;

Computer 101
This is a 2-hour introduction class for beginning users who are new to computers. You will learn the basics about the KEYBOARD and MOUSE. Registration is recommended.

Introduction to the Internet
Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of the computer and mouse is required.

Learn what the Internet is, what a web browser is, how to use the browser to look up information on the Internet and how to navigate a web page. You will explore some of the popular search engines.

Introduction to Microsoft Word
Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of the computer and mouse is required.

This class will teach new computer users how to use the word processing software, Microsoft Word 2007. Students will learn how to create a new document, use ribbons, chuncks, quick toolbars, cut/copy & paste, spelling and grammar checking, inserting pictures from CLIP ART, printing and closing and saving documents.

We also have special computer classes just for Senior Citizens.

These are some great classes to get you started. You can also practice on any of our computers as long as you have a valid card number and pin. So what are you waiting for?

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