Thursday, April 1, 2010

Laugh Out Loud at Your Library


Because the economy is so bad, and no one has any money to pay their late fines, the Library Bigwigs have decided to collect late fees a different way.

If you're one day late on a book, you have to bring in a sandwich for the front desk person.

If you're one day late on a movie, you have to wash the reference person's car.

If you're late on a CD, you have to clean all the computer screens in the computer lab.

Don't be more than one day late on anything. You don't want to have to buy pizza for everyone in the building!

If you lose a book? We have toilets you can clean.

Oh, by the way, do you remember what today is?

Happy April Fools Day!

Please don't really bring in sandwiches or pizza. I wasn't serious.

It's Laugh Out Loud at your Library Month! Through the month of April, we'll be highlighting humor and fun at your library.

Visit one of the Book Groups in April to read a funny book. Come and see the giggle-inducing David Sedaris talk about his disfunctional life, his disfunctional family, and his disfunctional friends.

I love April Fools jokes. What was the best April Fool joke you ever played?

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Carlotta said...

My car needs washing - I agree!