Sunday, April 4, 2010

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From The Best of the Best American Humor by The Funnty Times

Will Durst wrote a column about Headlines announcing the End of the World:
Things get uglier in the Middle East every day, so what if ... a world-wide, five-alarm nuclear holocaust broke out?... I, Normal American Reader-man come to the rescue (with) the last headlines you are destined not to see.

New York Times: Billions Peris. Bush Calls for Caution.

Golf Digest: Dont Let a Containment Suit 'Nuke' Your Swing.

Better Homes and Gardens: Rocks: The Forgotten Furniture.

Redbook: How to Brighten Your Nuclear Winter With a Bountiful Banquet of Spam.
Humor columnists can take all sorts of scary or disturbing things and make them funny.

Do you have a columnist you enjoy reading?

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