Saturday, March 13, 2010

Urban Fiction - Feature Author - March - Michael Baisden

Title: Men Cry in the Dark
Author: Michael Baisden
Genre: Urban Fiction

Michael Baisden (born June 26, 1963) is an African-American author, motivational speaker, host of the TV One talk show, Baisden After Dark, and host of his own nationally-syndicated radio show. (Retrieved 3/1/10, Wikipedia)

This celebrated first novel by the lecturer and bestselling author of The Maintenance Man gives readers an African-American man's perspective on relationships, fatherhood, and interracial dating through the eyes of four childhood friends looking for love in all the wrong places.

Derrick has all the makings of a winner. Loaded with good looks, a charming personality, and charisma, he has no kids and no commitments. But somehow all the success from the magazine he launched seems empty without someone special to share it.

Tony was an unredeemable ladies' man until Tracie caught his heart. Now they are engaged to be married. But will his conniving ex, Valerie, who tricked him into an unwanted pregnancy, let them live happily ever after? Benjamin is a sensitive and successful florist any woman would be lucky to call her own. But his weakness for young women has made him a target for vamps and gold diggers. And there's Mark. Still bitter from being rejected by black women when he was young, he seeks acceptance in the arms of a white lover. But will his friends and family accept her?

Originally self-published in the summer of 1997, Men Cry in the Dark sold more than 30,000 hardcover copies and has gone on to sell well over 100,000 copies in paperback. With this new mass market edition of his gripping novel, Michael Baisden is perfectly poised to reach beyond his expansive and incredibly loyal fan base to a whole new level of bestseller-dom.

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