Thursday, March 25, 2010

Save Money: Save Some Green, Grow a Garden!

Money Saving tips from your Library

With all that is happening in the economy today, many people are looking for genuine ways to save money. Sometimes it is hard to let go of many of the things we have grown accustomed to having, but budget constraints have left all of us looking for ways to cut back. In the next few weeks, I am going to offer some helpful tips that will allow you to save tremendously and not cut back on the things you enjoy.

Tip #8
Grow a Garden
Gardening is one of the most economical ways to save money and eat healthier. You can purchase various types of seeds that will grow in just about any climate, so take advantage of the many sales and get started. The Sunshine and fresh outdoor air is also great, but make sure you wear protective clothing and sunscreen.

To find gardening books, follow these simple steps;
1. Go to our homepage,
2. Click on "Library Catalog"
3. In the search box, enter "gardening"
4. Select the "Subject" or “Title” circle and then click "Go"
5. This will give you a list of gardening books. Just click on any of the titles for more information.

What are some benefits of gardening?
1. You are growing the fruit and vegetables, so there are no pesticides or preservatives added.
2. A bag of seeds can cost about $1-2 and you will get an abundance of fruits and vegetables during harvest time. In the store, you will pay this amount for a few pieces or fruit or vegetables.
3. Fruit and vegetables begin to loose nutrients not long after they are picked, so when you get them from the grocery store, you may not know how long they have been there. Growing them yourself allows you to enjoy all nutrients possible because they are fresh picked.
4. The more fruits and vegetables you grow, the more you are likely to eat, which will cut down on the amount of others foods you may eat. This has an added benefit health wise.

Ok, do you find this tip helpful? If so, just let us know. We are looking for ways to save you money, without losing out on the things you have come to enjoy. Make sure you check back next week for the ninth tip.

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