Friday, April 2, 2010

Laugh Out Loud at Your Library - Stand Up


From My Life in Jokes by Bob Hope:

During the Cold War, Bob Hope took a trip to Russia, and did a show there.
I hope you'll be cooperative tonight. On my passport I wrote "Comedian" and I'd hate to have the Russians think I lied....

The State Department was glad to let me come here. I'm cooperative, I'm personable, and I'm charming and expendable....

It's pretty nervous staying in a country where the government owns everything. If you steal a towel, it's a federal rap. I've had to unpack three times.
Stand up comedians make jokes about the issues of the day. Sometimes it's still funny after 50 years. Sometimes the humor doesn't survive. It just doesn't make sense many years later.

Who are your favorite stand up comedians? Will their humor be funny in 50 years? Find more books about Comedians, at your library today!

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