Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easy Breezy Spring Cleaning

Time to declutter!

Now that we have all set our clocks ahead one hour, what do we do with that extra hour of sunlight? Well, how about take the time to get organized. No grumbles, ok? This is the best time. Here are a few reasons why;

Weather is getting warmer, so it is time to donate the clothes that you or your family can no longer fit. This will help charitable organization out as well as you. Less stuff to clutter the house, so you can find things more easily.
You can get a tax deduction if you donate the items before April 15th.
This is the perfect weather for garage sales, so if you get organized, you can see what can be sold. With the profits, you can take the family for an outdoor adventure for all there hard work. Who does not like to have fun?

Areas that are great to organize in the spring include;
1. The garage – We store stuff in here, but do we really need everything in there? This is a great time for kids to get rid of all that sports equipment that they have outgrown or replaced by a newer version, so get rid of it.
2. The closets – It is time to replace the winter gear with those cute spring clothes, like capri’s, sandals, cute shirts and all the brightly colored accessories that go with these items.
3. The Kitchen – How many plastic containers and other dishes do you have that are missing tops or have simply been used beyond their effectiveness? Like me, probably lots.

4. Craft room/home office - You have papers or craft supplies all over the place and are not sure exactly where everything is anymore. Well it is time to go through all the stuff that is outdated or never to be used again and either trash it or donate the items. No holding on to stuff that you think you will use, but have not used in over six months. Get rid of it, it will just cause clutter in the long run.

Here are some wonderful books to help you get organized.

Taunton's home storage idea book by Joanne Kellar Bouknight Attractive storage solutions are offered for all parts of the house, from the mudroom to the attic. As the title suggests, this is a volume to study for ideas rather than specific designs, though some room plans are included. Typical of this publisher, there's lots of sumptuous photos of clean, freshly painted, well-organized interiors to inspire the reader.

Christopher Lowell's seven layers of organization : unclutter your home, unclutter your life by Christopher Lowell

Smart closet makeovers by Cynthia Overbeck Bix

Now you have seen some interesting books, so go ahead and get started. You have that one extra hour of sunlight, so take advantage of the time.

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