Saturday, March 6, 2010

Urban Fiction - Feature Author - March - Michael Baisden

Title: Maintenance Man: It’s midnight, do you know where your woman is?
Author: Michael Baisden
Genre: Urban Fiction

Michael Baisden (born June 26, 1963) is an African-American author, motivational speaker, host of the TV One talk show Baisden After Dark, and host of his own nationally-syndicated radio show. (Retrieved Wikipedia, March 1, 2010)

Malcolm Tremell lives the life that most men can only fantasize about: exotic cars, designer clothes, and a steady stream of sexually available women. In his world, sex is not a game - it's serious business. For the past 12 years, Malcolm has willingly played the role of temporary companion and lover for a very generous fee. But the interminable nights of meaningless sex and secret rendezvous with married women have begun to play on his conscience. Malcolm soon discovers, however, that a lifestyle change won't come so easily.

His best friend, Simon, owner of Club Obsession, the hottest nightclub in Atlanta, tries to steer Malcolm on the right path, not realizing that his own financee might be indulging in some extracurricular maintenance of her own. And Ariel, Club Obsession's manager, thinks her lonely nights are over when she meets a man through a local radio station dating line. Nothing can be further from the truth.

In the tradition of New York Times bestselling authors Eric Jerome Dickey and E. Lynn Harris, Michael Baisden weaves a fast-paced, true-to-life story about the drama of male/female relationships. The Maintenance Man is a gripping, raw novel.

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