Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movie Review - Star Trek

Star Trek
Directed by: Jeffrey Abrams
Starring: Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto
Video Release date: 11/17/09

Let me start by saying, that I have been a Star Trek fan since I watched the original re-runs as a teenager. I have watched all the movies and all the series, so this movie had a lot to live up to for me. I went to the theater with much trepidation and came out excited with what the filmmakers had done to update this much loved franchise.

The filmmakers decided to hit the franchise right at the heart with a re-telling of Kirk and crew's introduction to the Enterprise. The truly brilliant piece of storytelling is that there has been a shift in the time space continuum that changes everything that has happened in the previous television series, movies and books. This allows the writers free rein as to how the crew relationships begin and to begin a whole new history and franchise.

Not only is the story engaging, the casting was amazing. I was very worried about only seeing Sylor when watching Zachary Quinto play Spock, but he is transformed from the arch nemesis on Heroes to a spot-on Spock who struggles with his mixed heritage. Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana are great as Kirk and Uhura, but I think the best casting is Karl Urban as Bones. It was a wonder to watch all these new actors embrace characters that are beloved without satirizing them.

Star Trek (2009) is a mix between a great action flick and the restoration of a great franchise that has seen a decline in the last several years. It was exciting to see people of many different ages enjoying this, from the die-hard Trekkies to a whole new generation of people that will enjoy this franchise in its future incarnations. I highly recommend this movie to both Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike. (My parents loved it!)

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