Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CD Spotlight - Ray J - For the Love of Ray J

Title: For the Love of Ray J
Author: Ray JMedia type: Sound Recording
Genre: R&B/ Soul

Recently, I watched the finale of the show For the Love of Ray J. I was pleasantly surprised by the woman he selected to be his girlfriend. She was actually my choice from the beginning. I thought her chances of winning were slim, considering the age difference between she and Ray J. I think he made a wise choice this season, but will it last?

This is the second season of the show and I am sure not the last. Last season he selected someone, but I guess it did not work out between the two, considering the new season this year. The show starts with 20 women who must compete for Ray J’s love. In the end, there are two participants left and he chooses one of the two. There was one episode where he sang to one of the women. It was then that I remembered he was a singer and a pretty good one at that. Anyway, this weeks CD spotlight is on Ray J. This is a CD that was made during the first season of his reality show.

His Life
The Southern California-bred, McComb, Mississippi, native began his pursuit of stardom at age 8, when he started receiving calls to do television commercials. By 12, Ray J was on television in a co-starring role on the critically acclaimed The Sinbad Show. Ray J's future as a successful entertainer was inevitable. His singing abilities landed him a recording deal when he was just 14. "EVERYTHING YOU WANT," Ray J's well-received first album proved that, like his big sis, recording and television superstar Brandy, he has what it takes to grab the entertainment world by storm. With a string of movie roles, a co-starring spot on the top-rated UPN sitcom, Moesha, and a brand new gig hosting The Source Sound Lab, Ray J has carved out a major niche for himself.

Ray J's musical vision has expanded tremendously since his 1996 debut. "Then, I didn't know what type of direction I wanted to go in," says Ray J. "Being that Brandy came out and blew up, I just went with the flow. But after my album dropped and I saw what was out there, I started to develop my own ideas about what I wanted to do with my music." (Retrieved, 02/10/10)

Song from the CD, Sexy Can I
Sexy Can I is more of an upbeat song that was played in clubs. It is more of a song that you can dance to, but it is equally as enjoyable in the car as a sing-a-long. The video is very sensual, but typical of the hip hop community. The video features many women of various ethnicities with very little clothing. To see the video, click here. Not a fan of the video, but I do like the song. Check out the entire CD and let us know which song is your favorite.

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