Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Book Review: The Battle for Duncragglin

Battle for Duncragglin
Andrew H. Vanderwal
Young Adult Historical Fiction

Alex Macpherson has been an orphan since his parents disappeared mysteriously in Scotland. Now he is on his way there to stay with his Aunt Fiona as his Uncle Larry has grown weary of taking care of him. Alex isn't really all that excited as he's never felt that his aunt liked him very much. However, when he arrives he is met by his aunt's neighbors, the McRaes, as his aunt has taken ill. This small but cheery family takes him in and he quickly becomes friends with the three children, Annie, Willie and little Craig.

Alex soon finds out that he is in walking distance from where his parents disappeared some years before and is determined to try and figure out what happened to them at the ruins of Dungragglin Castle. The children decide to wait until low tide and venture into the caves below the castle and find something completely unexpected. They find themselves in the middle of battle in 1296 and come face to face with William Wallace himself. Will they ever return to their own time? Will Alex find his parents?

Fall into 13th century Scotland and experience the epic battles first hand through the eyes of present day children!

Author Read-alikes: Edward Bloor, Linda Buchley-Archer, James A. Owen

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