Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bad Girls Don't Die!

Bad Girls Don't Die
Katie Alender
Young Adult Fantasy

Alexis is your typical outcast, a person who doesn't fit in and who doesn't want to fit in. So when she suddenly needs the help of a cheerleader (aka her natural enemy) she cannot believe how desperate she has become. However, when a supernatural force threatens your innocent little sister and then your entire family, you would be desperate too. Alexis never believed in things like ghosts or haunted houses until the day she realizes that those stories are written about places like her very own house.

Now suddenly she is friends with Megan, the cheerleader and perhaps girlfriend to the enigmatic Carter (sterotypical preppy), and fighting a force that she cannot begin to understand. Alexis's quiet life has been turned upside down and now all she can hope to do is save her family before its too late.

Author read-alikes: Jennifer Allison, Kelley Armstrong, Joseph Delaney

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