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Urban Fiction Blog - Feature Author January- Joy "Deja" King

Title: Last Bitch Standing
Author: Deja “Joy” King
Genre: Urban Fiction

The Urban fiction author for the month of January is Deja King. Deja King was born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in California, Maryland, North Carolina and New Jersey. Deja King represents a new breed of writers producing young, hip and sexy novels that introduce readers to street life in all its complexity.

Ms. King attended North Carolina Central University (NCCU) where she majored in Journalism. With unrelenting support from her mother, King continues to climb to great heights in pursuit of success. Deciding to transfer to Pace University in New York City to delve into more of what life had to offer, she continued to major in Journalism while simultaneously gaining the experience needed to make it in this fast-paced business world. (Retrieved 12/14/09, African American Literature Book Club)
B.I.T.C.H. - Babe in Total Control of Herself

In the final installment of the Bitch Series, Precious Cummings only has one agenda and that is to destroy her most conniving enemy yet, Maya. Precious has no doubt that she can get the job done, the only problem is locating her nemesis who has disappeared with her husband, Supreme and daughter, Aaliyah.

Precious Cummings is the hurricane that your local news channel failed to warn you about. She’s raging, she’s furious, and she’s out for blood. Queen Bitch left Precious fighting against her frenemy, Maya, one she’d taken in and befriended only to be duped and betrayed in her very own domain. Maya has skillfully schemed and ensnared a confused Supreme into thinking that Precious had left him for her past love, the infamous Nico that Supreme despises as well as fears to some degree. Pulling up stakes, Supreme, Maya, and baby Aaliyah have left with no forwarding address, and upon Precious’ conquering yet another near death experience, she arrives home to find it void of those that she loves more than life itself.

Precious’ lifesaving love, Nico teams up with her in her quest to find her family and wreak havoc on Maya. Their gangsta is doubly deadly as this duo search high and low; uncovering every lead they’re given. In the midst of their investigation, Deja ingeniously navigates a connection with Genesis and CoCo into this novel. While also revealing answers to long awaited questions with just a hint of the mystique that she elicits with Precious and her beguiling aura.

Last Bitch Standing is the long awaited finale to the tumultuous life of the renowned and respected Precious Cummings. Her life has entailed a lifetime of bad choices, unforgiveable acts, yet her gangsta mentality has intrigued many that make her acquaintance. Deja has evolved an almost iconic persona with Precious and the various dilemmas she has encountered in this series. Now last but mos def not least, she engineers this novel with heart stopping, exciting, and hypnotic scenarios as the reader encourages Precious’ plight as a mother and wife to find her family and claim her rightful place as the Queen Bitch. Is she memorable? Yes. Is her lifestyle questionable? Yes. Is her mindset fascinating? Yes. Is her style able to be duplicated? Will she be the Last Bitch Standing? This will be revealed to you within the 175 pages that Ms. King has brilliantly penned and fulfilled the request for Precious to be able to exhale and find closure. Now whether she’s standing up or lying flat on her back, you know what you’ll have to do to get this answer don’t you? Stand with Deja as once more and again my gurl rocks tha house in this King Production. The word bitch has never had so much class, sass, and pizzazz! Ms. Deja…do that then! You already know lil mama! I tip my hat to you and your rapid and magnificent pen game!!!

Review by: Tazzvt2bossve’s via Amazon (Retrieved 1/11/10,

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