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Urban Fiction Blog - Feature Author January- Deja "Joy" King

Title: The Bitch is Back
Author: Joy "Deja" King
Genre: Urban Fiction

The Urban fiction author for the month of January is Deja King. Deja King was born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in California, Maryland, North Carolina and New Jersey. Deja King represents a new breed of writers producing young, hip and sexy novels that introduce readers to street life in all its complexity.

Ms. King attended North Carolina Central University (NCCU) where she majored in Journalism. With unrelenting support from her mother, King continues to climb to great heights in pursuit of success. Deciding to transfer to Pace University in New York City to delve into more of what life had to offer, she continued to major in Journalism while simultaneously gaining the experience needed to make it in this fast-paced business world. (Retrieved 12/14/09, African American Literature Book Club)
B.I.T.C.H. - Babe in Total Control of Herself

The Bitch is Back by Deja King is the third installment of the Bitch series and still has Precious Mills (nee Cummings) getting down for what she believes. Living lavishly with her music mogal husband, Supreme, and their infant daughter, Aaliyah, all of Precious’ dreams had come true. Her fairytale world began to crumble when she was informed that Aaliyah had been abducted at a park while with her nanny, Anna. Though Precious appeared to have tamed her wild ways, the kidnapping reawakened the beast her followers once knew as she hunted for her daughter; she was out for blood. Her anger heightened when she found out her rapist, who was supposed to be incarcerated, may have Aaliyah.

Knowing her daughter’s fate was in her hands, Precious was propelled to lie to her husband, lash out at those who genuinely cared for her, and reached out to Nico, her ex-lover who previously attempted to kill her. How could such a wonderful world become hell without warning? It can happen when you couple unresolved conflicts with greed and the creativity of Deja King.
The Bitch is back delivered on its title. While Precious still donned the softer side she had in the series’ second installment, Bitch Reloaded, she no doubt lets us know that she still has it in her. The author did a great job of incorporating the characters back stories so the novel works well as a stand-alone. I loved the emotional conflict Precious had over Nico because of its realism, but I was a bit disappointed with the dialogue toward the end of the story. I felt they were too detailed, but to give an example would spoil the plot.

Hopefully, Deja King will drop the fourth installment as soon as possible. The cliffhanger ending was totally unexpected, but I am not quite sure if Precious has enough steam to captivate readers one more time…or can she?

Reviewed by Darnetta FrazierAPOOO BookClub

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