Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bones of Faerie

Bones of Faerie
Jannie Lee Simner
Young Adult Fantasy

Imagine a post apocalyptic world, only rather than the nuclear holocaust that we have been trained to fear, this world had endured a more magical devastation. In the Before, Fey and humans lived together, if not happily, until the Fey decided to wage war on all of humanity. This left our world physically devastated and also magically inclined, as if the magic possessed by the Fey had somehow leaked into the very essence of all humanity.

This is where we find Liza, who lives in a town that shuns all magic. They abandon magically inclined children in the wilderness. Liza lives a seemingly normal life, if a cruel and unfair one. One day when she glances in a mirror (which are supposed to be forbidden objects from the Before). What she sees scares Liza into leaving her town for good, before her father can do something worse to her. She then embarks upon a magical journey that will not only save her and her mother but reunites a town that has been silently living in agony.

Author Read-alikes: Michael Buckley, Melissa Marr, Garth Nix,

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