Saturday, December 26, 2009

Urban Fiction - Feature Author December - Eric Jerome Dickey

Title: Drive Me Crazy
Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
Genre: Contemporary Urban Fiction

The Urban fiction Author for the month of December is Eric Jerome Dickey

Eric Jerome Dickey was born in Memphis, Tennessee and attended the University of Memphis (the former Memphis State), where he earned his degree in Computer System Technology. In 1983, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in engineering.

After landing a job in the aerospace industry as a software developer, Eric Jerome Dickey's artistic talents surfaced, inspiring him to become an actor and a stand-up comedian. Yet Eric quickly found out that writing was something he could do and do well. From creative writing classes to avidly consuming the works of his favorite authors, Eric Jerome Dickey began to shape a writing career of his own. Having written several scripts for his personal comedy act, he started writing poetry and short stories. The film work gave me insight into character development, the acting classes helped me understand motivation...All of it goes hand in hand, Eric explains. He joined the IBWA (International Black Writers and Artists), participated in their development workshops, and became a recipient of the IBWA SEED Scholarship to attend UCLA's Creative Writing classes.

I have been a long time fan of Dickey’s work. His books were very fast paced, with twisting plots that had you guessing to the end. I was disappointed recently when I tried to read the Gideon series. After that, his books became somewhat less enjoyable to read. He lost me, but I am still looking forward to his future works to see if he can once again claim me as a fan. I am highlighting some of his earlier works that got me hooked on his writing in the beginning. Read some of his earlier works and then compare them to his more recent works and see what you think. We would love to see how you liked or disliked the variance in the writing from the beginning works to the more recent works.

Driver is an ex-con trying to make his life right but who shares an expensive secret and a past affair with his boss's wife - a woman who is nothing but trouble. Dickey's rich characters make listeners feel as if they are present in the hustle-filled pool hall, the bedroom, and the Lincoln Town Car that Driver chauffeurs his wealthy and notorious clients around in. Dickey's millions of fans will be happy to see the reappearance of a femme fatale from Thieves' Paradise, who adds spice and surprises every time she turns up.

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