Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mike’s Hardboiled Mystery Picks


Mike, out at the Enterprise Library, always has a great hardboiled mystery on tap. He's the man to see if you need to feed your gritty mystery addiction. Each month, Mike suggests three wonderful authors in the down and dirty mystery genre. Here are his picks for the month:

James W. Hall - Thorn P.I, the protagonist, lives in Key Largo, selling hand-tied fish flies. Nineteen years after the death of his parents, Thorn avenged their deaths by causing the death of the drunk driver responsible. Now, at thirty-nine, he is emotionally scarred from this act when his adoptive mother is raped and murdered. His chase for those responsible will leave you wanting the next book in the series. Thorn is one of the more unusual characters in mystery fiction. This series would be of interest to fans of Randy Wayne White. Under Cover of Daylight is the first of eleven books in this series.

Harry Hunsicker - This series, set in Dallas, features private investigator Lee Henry Oswald who is also a Gulf War veteran and loner. Living in Dallas and having the last name Oswald doesn’t make his life any easier. A simple case soon turns into a struggle for his and his partner’s life. This book is very well written and will appeal to fans of Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane. Still River is the first of three books in this series.

Stuart Kaminsky - While this recently deceased author is better known for his Inspector Rostnikov series, I’m a fan of the Lew Fonesca series. Lew Fonesca quit his job as a researcher for the State's Attorney's office in Cook County, Illinois. As he was heading south for Key West, his destination was changed by fate when his car broke down in a Dairy Queen parking lot in Sarasota. Not being overly ambitious, Lew rents an office/apartment across the parking lot from the Dairy Queen and does investigative work for local attorneys. Vengeance is the first of six books in this series.

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