Monday, December 7, 2009

CD Review: The List by Rosanne Cash

Title - The List
Artist - Rosanne Cash
Genre - Country

I used to be an avowed Country Music hater. My taste in music gravitates toward Blues, Baroque, Bebop, and Progressive Metal (of all things). Not even, the movie Walk the Line converted me.

But now, Rosanne Cash's latest CD has finally won me over. Maybe it is the fact that she is singing a dozen of the 100 Greatest Country songs ever, as compiled by her father on a tour bus in 1973. Certainly having the right lyrics and melodies helps, but more than that, I think this recording nails the fundamentals. Nothing is overdone just for the sake of being flashy. There is a purity to the music that is so often lacking from other artists.

It does help that Rosanne sings several duets with artists not typically associated with Country music. This helps bridge the gap for an outsider like me. These artists include: Rufus Wainright, Elvis Costello, and not least Bruce Springsteen, singing on Sea of heartbreak.

The latter is my favorite track, and apparently Rosanne's, based on the number of times I heard her sing it during interviews. The song was also nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.

I can't call myself a Country fan yet, but I definitely had my horizons expanded. How's that for a Country and Western image?

I highly recommend The List by Rosanne Cash!

(Plus, whoever thought a bass clarinet would make an appearance on a Country CD!)

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