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Urban Fiction Feature Author - Meesha Mink and De'Nesha Diamond

Title: Title: Hood Life
Author: Meesha Mink and De’Nesha Diamond
Genre: Urban Fiction

Niobia Bryant is an African-American novelist of both romance and mainstream fiction. She also writes Urban Fiction as Meesha Mink and Young Adult Fiction as Simone Bryant.

Adrienne Byrd - National Best-selling author Adrianne Byrd has always preferred to live within the realms of her imagination where all the men are gorgeous and the women are worth whatever trouble they manage to get into. As an army brat, she traveled throughout Europe and learned to appreciate and value different cultures. Now she calls Georgia home.

In the first two books, Desperate Housewives and Shameless Hoodwives, we learn about the women of Bentley Manor; however, in the third book, we finally get down to the men. My first reaction to the title was ok what problems would men in Bentley Manor have besides having too many baby mommas to deal with. Needless to say, I was surprised. The book starts off a little slow, but in the end it proves to be a great Urban Fiction novel.

Tavon/The Pimp (aka Sweet) – Tavon has lived a life of hardship. Raised in Bentley Manor by a single mom, he realized at an early age that sex was a commodity and people were willing to pay for it at any cost. His wife Renee has always been his number one, but when Sweet's life is turned upside down bythe 15 year old daughter that he never knew existed, he does not know what to do. Soon he realizes that he cannot trust Renee or his longtime lover/best friend, Destin/Destiny. The events that take place are more than enough for Sweet to handle. Will the lies and deception lead to his demise or will he remain on top and loose everyone who mattered to him?

Rhakmon/The Player – How do you survive without having a steady income or place to live? You use women in any way you can to get what you want. After he is thrown out by his single mom at an early age, he realizes he has the looks and tools to get any woman to fall under his spell. After an altercation with a known rival ends in murder, Rhakmon has the ultimate plan. Have his girlfriend of the moment confess to the crime he committed and then he is off scott free. This is the ultimate plan until his girlfriend receives a sentence of 10 years in prison. She is devastated and feels abandoned by Rhakmon because he has not visited her during her time of incarceration. As a result, she realizes she was played for a fool and decides to tell the truth about the murder.

Demarcus/Killer – While incarcerated, Demarcus realizes his mistakes and vows to change. He becomes a devoted Muslim and decides that when he is released, he will make a new start. However, he does not realize how hard this task is when you have been recently released from prison with no job and no money. He is offered a job by the neighborhood pimp, but declines because of a haunting memory that will not allow him any peace. After a past friend confesses his affair with Demarcus’s girlfriend Zoey, he becomes a killer once again. Will he ever become like normal people, or will he forever indebted to the name tattooed across his chest, KILLER?

Kaseem/the Dealer – Kaseem has led a double life every since his long time friend Maleek was locked up for drug distribution. He has had to step up where Maleek left off and has gotten use to the luxurious lifestyle that the drug lifestyle affords him. After an old flame gives him custody of the 3 month old son he never knew existed, he begins to question his lifestyle and decides to get out of the business. This occurs right in the middle of a drug war where his crew wants him to step up and take control. Will he be betrayed by his closest friend and his girl, or will he realize who really has his back?

Another gotta read Urban Fiction novel that I think you will enjoy. I enjoyed the many surprises and connection between the characters. Out of all the characters in the book, I guess I felt the most sympathy for Rhakmon because of what he endured in his childhood. Do we become a victim of our circumstances or do we choose to live the right way? In reading this book, you see why the characters became who they were based on their life circumstances.

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I really like how you sum up the characters and the clean presentation. Good job.

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