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Urban Fiction Feature Author - Meesha Mink and De'Nesha Diamond

The Urban fiction Authors for the month of November are Meesha Mink and DeNesha Diamond

Title: Title: Shameless Hoodwives
Author: Meesha Mink and De’Nesha Diamond
Genre: Urban Fiction

Niobia Bryant is an African-American novelist of both romancee and mainstream fiction. She also writes Urban Fiction as Meesha Mink and Young Adult Fiction as Simone Bryant.

Adrienne Byrd - National Best-selling author Adrianne Byrd has always preferred to live within the realms of her imagination where all the men are gorgeous and the women are worth whatever trouble they manage to get into. As an army brat, she traveled throughout Europe and learned to appreciate and value different cultures. Now she calls Georgia home.
This novel is the African-American version of the television series, Desperate Housewives. The difference is these characters lives are based out of the Bentley Manor Apartment Complex (Projects) in Atlanta, GA.

This is the second book in this series. It was even better than the first, with lots of unexpected twists and tragedies. Things at Bentley Manor are not always as they appear.

Takiah – She finally escapes from her pimp/husband when he goes to jail. She is on the run for her life, but must return to the only place that is safe. The one place she vowed never to return to, Bentley Manor. When she shows up at her grandmother, Mz. Cleo door unannounced, she is welcomed and can stay, under one condition. She must attend church and get counseling from the pastor. She is resistant until, the pastor offers her a deal she can’t refuse. The pastor has more on his mind than counseling and redemption for this lost soul. He teases her with drugs and they become involved sexually and now Takiah begins to question whether or not there may be a real God that can actually save her from her life of sin. Amidst the rumors and her pregnancy, Takiah continues to stay involved with the pastor until her husband returns. She is literally running for her life when her husband catches her in a compromising position with the pastor. Will she be redeemed in the sight of God or will she suffer an eternal damnation in hell?

Mz. Cleo – The savior of the neighborhood who is not afraid to resort to violence to try and save the innocent souls in Bentley Manor. Unfortunately she cannot save the soul of her granddaughter Takiah. She harbors guilt that she may have led to the demise of her granddaughter when she insists that she seek counseling from the pastor of the church. Her world is turned upside down after she is mistakenly shot by the police and she finds out the tragedy that has occurred with her granddaughter. Will this be the end of Mz. Cleo, or will we see her and Mz. Osceola in the next book?

Woo-Woo – She has finally found a man who can take her away from the hell of Bentley Manor. She has changed her look to fit into her suburban lifestyle. No more long nails, no more braids, no more flashy clothes. Unfortunately, you can take the girl out of the projects, but you can’t take the project out of the girl. Woo-Woo continues to sneak to Bentley Manor to be with the one person who makes her heart flutter and provides hot steamy sex at the drop of a hat, Hassan. Hassan becomes enraged that Woo-Woo will not leave her husband and decides to break it off with her. This enrages Woo-Woo and she shows up at places that Hassan hangs out to win him back. She decides that she wants to be with Hassan and decides she will tell her husband once the holidays are over. She never gets the chance to tell her husband she is in love with Hassan, because after a tragic meeting at the local shopping mall, all kinds of secrets are revealed. You know I can’t tell you, because that would spoil the book, but you are in for a surprise.

Keisha – Keisha and Smokey were high school sweethearts, drug addicts and parents together. Now, Keisha has kicked the habit and is looking to change her life. She is also tired of the emotional and physical abuse that she has endured for years from Smokey. Her brother in-law Shakespeare comes to the rescue when he offers to pay for her to go to cosmetology school. She is thrilled and begins to see a way for her to move her and her kids out of Bentley Manor. Smokey also sees this change and much more than Keisha and Shakespeare realize. He is upset and on Christmas Day, he shows up with a gun to reveal the secret and to get revenge. What happens after that is left up to you to find out.

Princess – At only seventeen, she has been through more than some women who are twice her age. She has been abused physically, emotionally and verbally by her mother as well as by her mother’s many boyfriends. What helps her keep her sanity is her friend Lucky. Lucky has always been there for her. However, what happens when Lucky is accidentally killed when she wants to watch a street fight? Princesses’ life takes her whole new turn. She is so lost and when a fight ensues between she and her mother, she is sent to jail for 3 months for assault and battery. She is at rock bottom and does not know what to do. Her saving grace is her voice. Will she be able to use her talent to get her out of Bentley Manor, or will she meet her demise as all others have in Bentley Manor. I really felt for this character and I was glad to hear her story. When hope is gone, that is when you find your true blessing.

I read this book in two days because I wanted to see what happened to each character. I was routing for some to make it out of Brentley manor and others, I thought they got what they deserved. Very quick read that kept me somewhat guessing almost until the end. This book is for those who love this genre, but want to see characters that are actually human and are representative of their circumstances and how they have learned to deal with life in the inner city.

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