Monday, November 16, 2009

CD Spotlight - Joe Thomas - Signature

Title: Signature
Author: Joe
Media type: Sound Recording
Genre: R&B/ Soul

Joe Lewis Thomas (born July 5, 1972), usually credited simply as Joe, is a seven-time Grammy Award-nominated American R&B singer and record producer. Joe's extensive background in gospel music has allowed him to produce his albums as well as sing on them. A native of Georgia, Joe later moved to Opelika, AL; since he was the son of two preachers, he spent much time in church singing, playing guitar, and even directing the choir. Influenced early on by gospel stars like The Winans, Commissioned, and Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Joe grew to love soul legends Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye plus contemporary stars Bobby Brown and Keith Sweat.

While working at a gospel record store and continuing his music education through a local church, he met producer Vincent Herbert and recorded a three-song demo tape. He signed to Polygram/Mercury and in 1993 released his album debut, Everything. This album produced a minor hit for him and he was subsequently released from his contract. Joe also had a song called All the things that appeared on the soundtrack to the Wayans. (retrieved 10/28/09, Lyrics You

Joe has several CD’s and his latest was just released on 7/07/09. He is multitalented and has many memorable songs, but the one that stands out most for me is All the things (your man won't do), off his Greatest Hits CD. When this song was played, many women including myself felt that he was speaking directly to us. Anyway, his has had several songs that will remain classic for years to come.

Tell me what kind of man
Would treat his woman so cold
Treat you like your nothing
When your worth more than gold
Girl to me your like a diamond
I love the way you shine
A hundred million dollar treasure
I'll give the world to make you mine

I'll put a string of pearls right in your hand
Make love on a beach of jet black sand
Outside in the rain, we can do it all night
Out to tour the places he would not
And some you never knew would get you hot
Nothing is forbidden, when we touch

Baby, I wanna do
All of the things your man won't do
I'll do them for you

I know you all love this song, but make sure you get his latest CD, Signature, so that you will continue to hear that classic Joe sound.

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