Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday’s New DVD releases

Every Tuesday we get the newest DVD releases and you can request them! These titles are usually very popular, so be sure to get your requests in early! Check the Library Catalog and add these popular titles to your book bag. See the bottom of the post for the answer to last week's contest!

Here are the releases for next week, the 9th of June!

Fired Up! - Nicholas D'Agosto. After maxing out their starring roles on the high school football team, Shawn and Nick ditch summer training camp and head into brave new territory: volunteering to help the cheerleading squad reach new heights. The team's pretty captain doesn't buy the guys' act for a second. But even she has to admit her sorry squad could use two extra sets of hands.

Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood. Crusty, inflexible Korean War veteran Walt Kowalski must confront his Hmong immigrant neighbors – and his own long-held prejudices – when the family's teen son, Thao, tries to steal Walt's beloved 1972 Gran Torino. Walt soon assumes the unlikely role of guardian angel to young Tao and his sister, who are vulnerable to disturbing gang influences in this intimate drama from 78-year-old director Eastwood.

The International - Clive Owen. Interpol agent Louis Salinger and New York Assistant District Attorney Eleanor Whitman team up to expose a global financial institution's money laundering, arms dealing and other illegal rackets. But as the pair race from New York to Milan and beyond to pursue their case, they soon discover that the ruthless bank will stop at nothing to continue its profitable activities.

This week's release with the most requests was almost a tie! Revolutionary Road had 660 requests and He's Just Not That Into You had 658! Be sure to get your name on the list for these popular movies!

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