Sunday, May 10, 2009

Movie Review – Frost/Nixon

I was 11 years old in 1974 when Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States and only 14 when he gave this interview to David Frost. So, in order to do this review, not only did I watch the film, I researched a little about both Watergate and this historical interview.

Title: Frost/Nixon
Director: Ron Howard
Starring: Michael Sheen and Frank Langella
Video Release date: 4/21/09

Frankly, I had low expectations of enjoying this film. Even though it was directed by Ron Howard, I expected something dry and kinda boring. I have to tell you that I was very wrong. I enjoyed this film quite a bit.

This historical drama starts out reviewing the events of Watergate and the resignation of Nixon. At the time, David Frost was conducting lighter celebrity interviews including the Bee Gees. He became fascinated with Nixon’s story when he realized that 400 million people from all over the world watched him resign and decided that he would ask Nixon for an interview.

What follows is the fascinating story of both Frost’s and Nixon’s camp separately working to get their own agendas into the interview. Nixon hopes that the interview will pave the way for him to become politically active again, by explaining away all of his misdoings and highlighting the strengths of his term in office. And, of course, Frost hopes to wring a confession and an apology out of the former president, which would skyrocket the ratings and reputation of him as an interviewer.

Both Frank Langella and Michael Sheen reprised these parts from their stage performances of the Broadway play of the same name by Peter Morgan. The acting was amazing and the pace of the plot was fast enough to hold my attention. I would highly recommend this film to anyone that enjoys historical drama or is interested in the Nixon era.

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