Sunday, May 3, 2009

Movie Review - American Gangster

Gangster movies are one of the last movie genres you will catch me watching. The other is slasher flicks. However, I had some friends over and they wanted to watch American Gangster, and much to my dismay, there on my television, was Denzel Washington setting fire to a man tied to a chair in the first couple of scenes. Hence, the reason I don’t watch them. Yet, as I continued to watch…I found myself fascinated.

Title: American Gangster
Directed by: Ridley Scott
Starring: Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe
Video Release Date: 2/19/08

Ridley Scott directed this movie and had I realized that, I might have been more open to it originally. He, of course, directed Blade Runner, one of my favorite all time movies. American Gangsters was excellent in my opinion. Both Washington and Crowe were amazing in their rolls.

The movie is base on the true story of Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) who was a drug king in Harlem from in the late 60’s and early 70’s. He was African American and in order to compete with the Italian mobs, he found a way to buy heroin directly from the source. Because his product was much better quality for a much cheaper price, he quickly took over and became extremely rich.

The other story was about Richie Roberts (Russell Crowe), the detective who brought down Lucas as well as more than 100 other arrests. Most of those arrests involved corrupt police officers who had been taking bribes from the many different gang operations in New York and New Jersey.

Despite the violence (I watched the unrated version), I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I highly recommend it.

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